A gift for Henry Cavill and Durrell

As you have seen earlier, we posted about a donation campaign to mark the Henry´s birthday  which will happen on May 5. We are proposing to Henry Cavill fans to give him a special gift for their 32 years in a different way.
The idea is make a donation to the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, a charity-based in Jersey, place where Henry was born and of which he is the ambassador. (For now we aren´t writing birthday cards or anything, ok?).
For donation, we opened a page on Just Giving, which is the same service that Henry uses to raise funds to another entity that he helps (the Marines).
The page in question – Just Giving Crazy for Henry Cavill – has the name Crazy, but if you look from the left side of page, you will see the text of the entity to which our page is helping. It is for that will Durrell resources, ok? No value comes for us. We don´t have any access to any amount you donate. Our website is just a channel for collection of donations.
And how is the process?
It’s simple: I made a first donation of $ 50, to test the system and explain to you.
Follow the step by step:
1) When you are in the Just Giving page is Crazy Henry Cavill click the DONATE button.
2) It will open a screen where you will be asked for you to make a register using your email or Twitter profile (required), and also asking for your name and you write a message to Henry and / or Durrell (this is optional). In this same screen, you will choose a coin (pay attention, is impossible use Brazilian Real. Use dollar or euro) and the value. There are preset values, but note that has a blank space where you can fill in the amount you want. So if you want to donate less than US$20 and more than US$100, just write the amount you want. If you don´t want your name, message and donated value appearing on the page after making the donation, click in the box where it says “hide my donation amount from others.”
3) On the next screen, you will fill out the card data you use for payment. The Just Giving works with MasterCard; Visa Credit Card; Visa Electron; Switch / Maestro; and Visa Debit. You must have a debit or credit card accepted international spending. (I chose to donate the dollar because the Euro is more expensive.)
4) The next screen asks for your address that you used to make your card here in Brazil. (The same address where you receive your invoice, a new card when the other wins etc).
5) On the last screen, you have the opportunity to review the data filled above, change the value of the gift or correct some information. If everything is correct, just hit DONATE and ready! The Just Giving system will record your donation, if hasn´t made any incorrect data (such as the card number or incomplete address, for example). Soon your donation should appear in Crazy page on Just Giving, with your message to Henry and a picture if you have one associated with your profile on Facebook or email. You will receive an e-mail confirming your donation. 
Pretty soon you have made a donation to an environmental institution that has projects in various parts of the world, including Brazil, which is supported by the Henry. We think he will like the gift, and really does not matter the amount, for any amount is important. Do not you agree?
 Janaína and Nalva.

Queremos agradecer muito o trabalho de tradução da nossa amiga e grande fã de Henry Cavill, Vilma P.S. Assis. Thanks for the translation, Vilma P.S. Assis! You are the best Henry Cavill’s fan!!!

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