A new era begins for Promethean Productions

The agent Dany Garcia, from Garcia Companies, shared on her Instagram a photo of Henry Cavill with his brother and business partner Charles and the Promethean Productions team with a caption:

Somehow this picture looks like it’s all about me when it was really all about him. @henrycavill, his #PrometheanProductions team and their incredibly bright future.

In November of 2014, the international press released that Henry along with Charles had launched the Promethean Productions.

His first project would be an action thriller called Stratton. Promethean would produce with Amber Entertainment and the GFM films. The movie would be based on a romance series of Ducan Falconer about an SBD agent, John Stratton.

Cavill shared a thank you message to his team (WME, Garcia Companies, Viewpoint and GTRB), by saying:   “I couldn’t ask for better people to help my story telling dreams become a reality…..watch this space folks. This post would not be complete however, without a special thank you to Dany Garcia, without whom, my dreams would be far harder to realise.

This comments moved the social media, left the fans wondering what is to come. The PHC team will be watching for anything and everything to share with you.

The PHC wishes Henry Cavill continued success so that Promethean Productions can continue to provide their team with these incredible jobs. May this be one of the many successes to be achieved in the future.