Birthday campaign: Help Durrell and give Henry Cavill a gift


Portal Henry Cavill BR portal brings his campaign dedicated to the actor Henry Cavill.

Besides being Superman at the movies he has an undisclosed philanthropic side, where he protects special causes.

One of this causes is Durrell Conservation Trust. Founded by Gerald Durrell, the organization was born with the conservation expeditions to various parts of the world, including Africa and South America. On these trips Gerald rescued animals and took them to Jersey where there were maintained and prepared for reproduction, thus ensuring the preservation of their species.


In 1958 the Durrell Wildlife Park (where he took care of their animals), was open to the public for a long time became known as the Jersey Zoo.

And it was in Jersey that Cavill was born and grew up. In interviews, the actor says that he was used to visit the park with his brothers and watch the gorillas while he was playing with his brothers.

The project grew, and today, in addition to maintaining the research and care for the reproduction of endangered species, the Durrell has an academy that prepares conservationists from around the world for preservation.

Thus the organization has projects all around the world – including Brazil – in association with IPE institute, one of the most respected in Brazil. The IPE institute was created by an ex Durrell academy student, and nowadays is supported for “Corredores de Mata Atlântica” project where the Black Lion Tamarin is protected trough the region reforestation and conservation.

As Durrell Conservation ambassador since 2014, Henry Cavill spread the organization and takes part of the it's events. The actor created Cavill Conservation to collect donations on campaigns and with these values enable the support and expansion of Durrell projects.

Like fans who support Henry's dedication as important causes for our planet – and knowing that for him the best gift is to be able to do something good – we launched a campaign to collect donations – to be fully reverted to the Durrell Conservation Trust – through the site Just Giving.

The campaign starts on Henry’s 33 rd, May 5, 2016, and will go to his 34 year birthday in 2017 with a € 1,000.00 collection target (Thousand Euros). Our purpose is to help preserve and honor the serious work of Durrell and Conservation Cavill the world.. For this we count on your participation via the link: or by clicking the image below:


You can donate any amount from € 1 and still leave a message for Durrell and Henry on the campaign website, on Just Giving. We reinforce that the Portal team will have no access to given values.

Those who follow the Portal’s longer knows that we have already done before a campaign for Durrel through our fan club page: Crazy for Henry Cavill. Thanks for everyone that helped and we reported that this campaign is the continuation of the project, which will result now by the Portal Henry Cavill BR page.

Join us and we will give that gift to Henry Cavill and our planet .