DAILY PLANET | Researchers don’t find answers about Gotham Battle

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With many non revealed information, even when we’re close to completing two months of events in Gotham, they are still far from being fully understood.

The secret vigilant known as Batman or Gotham’s vigilant/bat, affirms that the monster known as Apocalypse, was created by Lex Luthor which remains stuck in maximum security regime in Stryker prison Metropolis – using Kryptonian technology.

According to Batman, in a video sent to WGBS-TV channel from Metropolis. Luthor would have used a technology found in Krypton’s nave to beget a monster that destroyed a part of Gotham and it was defeated by Superman, on the fateful combat on March end. Batman affirms that the explosion of Capitol which killed 362 people, was by Luthor authored, in order to incriminate Superman.

The authorities not even confirmed or denied the information, choosing not to give statements until clarify all the facts. Gotham’s Security Secretary – James Gordon – states that they’re analyzing the personal files of Lex Luthor and LexCorp, (which is with their activities temporarily suspended with the crisis involving its director), besides Batman’s statements.

Talking to Commissioner William Henderson (from Metropolis Police Department), for Daily Planet, he affirmed that a point of the investigation is discovering more things about the characters that fought against the monster, like Batman, and the “mysterious woman with fantastic powers that it’s being called Wonder Woman”. Henderson states that ” a little is known about these super – powerful wight and that this information is crucial to the progress of the investigation and organization of a new security plan for both cities,” that are investigating the facts together , denominating the “Meta- human” project.

People from Metrolpolis and Gotham are scared and asking themselves what surprises may arise? First of all was the Kryptonian appearance which proved a genetic evolution until then unknown by the humanity and the existence of more developed lives in others planets.

Superman recognized as a hero by much part of population, proved himself defending pur planet sacrificing his own life. The tributes to him keep happenig at the central city park memorial.

Then others wight showed their super powers, like the unknown woman and her shining “loop” and indestructible shield. Besides Batman that seems to be the only human, equipped with many gadgets and a special car – engaged on civilians defense against violence cause by marginal or monsters from other worlds.

We want answers about what happened and the responsible for causing all the death and destruction in Gotham, and also know who are these characters that revealed themselves in tis crisis moment, to defend us from kryptonian threat called Apocalypse. Are there more of them living in silence between us?

We hope that the responsible departments can clarify this mystery as soon as possible.

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