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The Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust and the Royal Marines Charity are social causesthat have Henry Cavill as Ambassador. Through his social networks he supportsand disseminates them, also participating in events aimed at them.

Charity Updates brings weekly key news stories for these causes, allowingHenry’s fans and followers to know better about his philanthropy.

Durrell’snetworking week began with a special thanks to everyone who was on Sunday, December 11 at the Jersey Zoo to enjoy ‘’Jingle in the Jungle’’.

It was a day full of joy, where the animals had fun openingtheir Christmas presents. Despite the windy weather, several people attended tocelebrate these moments. Congratulations to the organizers and everyone whowasat the event.

During the week Durrell alsoreleased the video of Fernando Lima’s interview on the project Cans for Corridors, which aims to help protect endangered species in the Amazon Rainforest, including the black tamarin.

Fernandois a Brazilian and Senior Researcher at the Institute of Ecological Research – IPÊ, an institution that maintains a partnership withDurrell in Brazil. Inthe video we can see photographic images of animal traps in the forestfragments and the corridors between them, which recycled cans help create.Watch the full video on Durrell’s Youtube Channel and to know more about this andother projects, as well as to donate, access the IPÊ Institute Website.

Durrell completed the week announcing that registrations for the Durrell Challenger 2019, due May 12, are already open. As in previous years, the 13km race – which Henry Cavill hasmanaged to participate in – continues to be one of the highlights of this day, where friends, family and visitors enjoy a Sunday full of activities and festivities.

Inaddition to all regular contributors, this year’s event will feature Butterfield Bank as the main sponsor. The institution also reported that “Although Henry Cavill has pledged his support to The Durrell Challenge and does his best to attend on the day, event organizers can not guarantee he will be there.”

Toknow everything about next year’s event just go to Durrell’s Website, aswell as signing up and / or making your donation. The Durrell Challenger is anevent for the whole family, an incredible day filled with fun, join in!

And it’s almost Christmas! Foryou who have not yet finished Christmas shopping, Durrell invites you to visit their Jersey Zoo shop where you will find a variety of options for all ages.

And for those who are not inJersey, just access the Durrell Virtual Store and choose the item that best suits you. This Christmas be a hopeful donor,buying or donating will be helping Durrell maintain projects that will help in animal and ecosystem preservation.

Thiswas a very special week for the Royal Marines Charity who reported on all their social networks that the annual London Dinner – Royal Marines Charity London Dinner – which took place last month, resulted in the largest fundraising eventthe institution already held until that date.

Through this event more than £ 1 million in donations were raised, and was supported bythe entire Royal Marines Charity family, which after dinner continued to help the institution achieve its stated goal.

The RMC thanked everyone who helped, directly or indirectly,in the accomplishment of this great event. Visit the Royal Marines Charity Website and learn more about this important milestone and make the most of it.

More events are being announcedfor 2019, now it’s Nightrider’s turn to take place on June 8th. While the citysleeps, meet and explore the more than 50 famous sights of London’s capital ona fun and exciting ride to the charities of the RMC.

If you’re in London on that date, join one of the 2,500 cyclists who will roam the streets of London, getting full support from those involved in that event, and they will still have their well-deserved breakfast.Then, when they cross the finish line, they will receive the medal to remember the incredible moments they experienced during the course.

Find out more about Nightrider London by visiting the Royal Marines Charity Website or bysending an email to enquires@theroyalmarinescharity.org.ukand get involved in yet another project for the RMC charity that supportsmarines, veterans and their families.

Andas Christmas is very close, Royal Marines Commando – gave a gift to Malachi Neat, a 14-year-old boy with a beautiful surprise: a full day with Commando Training Center in Lympstone – Devon.

Malachihas a dream of becoming a Royal Marines, but fears that his condition makes it impossible for him to do so, as he is part of the approximately 12,000 British children with arthritis in their eyes.

Through the videos we saw how much his day was profitable, participating in the official training of the Royal Marines, overcome obstaclesand above all, realized his dream. Regardless of whether or not to be aMarines, he was on that day and that remembrance will remain in his thoughts throughout his life.

Thiswas another weekly bulletin of social causes that Henry Cavill supports. Andthe PHCBR wishes everyone a Merry Christmas, full of love, hope and light forall.

Thiswas another weekly bulletin of social causes that Henry Cavill supports. Andthe PHCBR wishes everyone a Merry Christmas, full of love, hope and light forall.

The Royal Marine Charity

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Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust

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