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As ambassador for social causes of  Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust and Royal Marines Charity, Henry Cavill supports and disseminates them, through image, social networks and events that he participates.
You can follow the column ”Charity Updates” here on our website, to know everything about the weekly updates about this charities.

A very festive week, so was Durrell’s, starting with the divulgation about the record runners attending the 11th annual Durrell Dash in November, there were 650! The event that had the purpose of raising funds for the new home for butterflies and tortoises has raised a total of £ 12,800.

Durrel thanked, through their social networks, Rathbone Investment Management International, which sponsored the event for the fourth consecutive year and Jersey Water which was responsible for keeping participants hydrated, and could not miss the “thank you” to all the participants who made this event a success. To learn all about Durrell Dash this year, visit Durrell’s Website and enjoy to make your donation, there’s time yet!

Another super interesting news released by Durrell, was the latest issue of the Wild Life Member Magazine that was wrapped in biodegradable potato starch sacks.

This was another step from Durrell toward the promise of removing single-use plastic from its products.

And Christmas came to the Jersey Zoo providing wonderful moments that deserved several clicks as well as many filming, such as that of orangutans opening their bales of hay, dried fruits, nuts and seeds. As well as Hazel, the white-handed doublet, who won some grapes.

You can watch this, and various other videos, by accessing Durrell’s social networks who left a message for everyone: “We would like to wish all of you a Merry Christmas and continue to support our work of vital conservation. It will be another year of struggle to save species from extinction!

Still about Christmas, Durrell opened the doors of the Jersey Zoo inviting kids over 4 years old to learn new skills through different outdoor activities every day, such as a Winter Explorer – Winter Explorers.

The event, which began on December 20 and runs until January 6, 2019, is free for members and reservation is required (20 children per day and limited adults), parental supervision is also required and don’t forget to wear warm, waterproof clothing. To make a reservation just go to the Durrell Facebook events page and await the scheduled day for incredible adventures at the Jersey Zoo.

The Royal Marines Charity started the week, which preceded Christmas, with great news. It has been announced that live registrations are open for Commando Challenge 2019, which will take place on October 13 and 14, and they have also made available a code that gives a right to a discount.

That’s it! Don’t miss this incredible edition of this challenge that tests physical and mental limits and has already had Henry Cavill as a participant, also enjoying the weekend with friends and family. To know everything about the event, just go to the Commando Challenge website and take advantage of it to enroll in the 5km or 10km, until October 2019 gives time to get in shape.

Another highlight of the week was the announcement of the Virginia Gauntlet II event, which at the invitation of the United States Marine Corps will be held at the US Marine Corps Quantico, East Coast, USA, from April 15-29. 2019.

This two-week challenge will bring together 250 Royal Marines – recruits from all ranks of the Royal Marines, especially junior marines – who will travel to compete in nineteen sports modalities, promoting the working relationship between them. Visit the Royal Marines Charity Website and learn more about this competition.

And did you know that for every £ 1 raised for the RMC, £ 0.93 goes to all the beneficiaries that the institution supports?

Exactly! The accumulation of the various £ 0.93 donated to the cause is distributed among the various Marines, veterans and their families.

This and other achievements have only been and are possible thanks to the generosity and unswerving support of the Royal Marines family and yours! Read the 2018 Impact Report, which you can find on the RMC website, and follow other important information.

This was the last Henry Cavill Charity Updates of the year and we finish with joy because we have been able to take important information and actions that impacted, directly or indirectly, on the lives of thousands of people.

We hope that 2019 be a year of great achievement and the kindness continue to be part of those who care about the social causes that Henry supports which help in the preservation of animals and ecosystems. And they bring comfort to marines, veterans and their families through humanitarian cooperation.

The PHC Wish everyone a Happy New Year!

The Royal Marine Charity

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Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust

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