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The Henry Cavill Charity Updates of the Durrell Wildlife Trust brings some of the top news published by the conservation institution that has Henry Cavill as Ambassador, supporting, publicizing in their social media and attending events – when is possible.

Durrell began the last week of February announcing that the Board of Trustees of the institution has three open positions – banker, accountant and businessman.

People interested should possess relevant skills and experience in the area they apply for, as well as connection to the cause to help create a healthier, wilder and more colorful world. Access the link and learn more about the vacancies.

Another highlight was the release of the Arty Ark event, which will take place in the last week of July. Durrell invites all parents to take their children to the zoo where they can enjoy a variety of artistic activities.

They will have fun at Art Workshops run by local artists and by the education team. The institution said it will give more details soon.

Durrell also invited, through their social networks, that on September 14 and 15, everyone will join the institution to celebrate the Race Day of the Mountain Chicken.

To finalize another weekly bulletin with some of the top news released by Durrell, next Friday (March 8) at 7:30 p.m., Paul Stammers will be lecturing on “The reintroduction of fisherwomen in England” at the Academy’s Lecture Theater .

“Paul will speak about the translocation of eagles to Rutland, the establishment of a colony and then to Africa and work with schools in The Gambia, and he will talk briefly the goals of the Osprey Leadership Foundation.” Learn more by visiting the  link

This was another HC Charity Updates from Durrell. Do as Henry Cavill and get involved with this cause of animal preservation and ecosystems that has been brilliantly performing this service. Go to the Durrell Website and find a way to get involved!


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