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British actor Henry Cavill is ambassador of serious causes.  Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust has conservation projects spread all over the world, and the Royal Marines Charity, which covers British Royal Navy soldiers and their families.

To know what happens in these institutions that have the support of Cavill, follow our weekly column.

The Durrell Conservation week began by congratulating our well-known Ben, the Bat of the Jersey Zoo – Durrell. Ben ‘the Bat’ as it is called, not to be confused with another friend of Henry Cavill, completed two years on August 4.

The network shared a #CAVILLCONSERVATION publication on the adoption packages of the animals, whose revenue is raised for the preservation of the species. With values ​​starting at ₤ 25, it is possible to purchase an adoption package with exclusive items prepared by Cavill Conservation and Henry.

And Cavill himself also posted a congratulatory message alongside Kal on his Instagram, which was shared on the Jersey Zoo page.

Durrell’s networks also published about the opening of a trainee vacancy in the Plowshare Turtle Preservation project. Based on Mauritius, the conservation effort is to ensure safe reproduction of the species and restore a balanced ecosystem in the region.

“The project manages tortoises on two islands, namely Ile aux Aigrettes and Round Island. Hatchlings are collected from the breeding herd on Ile aux Aigrettes, reared in secure enclosures and then transferred to Round Island where they are initially held in quarantine and then released. All of the released tortoises are individually marked and are closely monitored on both islands, with data collected upon their distribution, movement, health and impact upon the vegetation. The use of tortoises as ecosystem engineers for re-wilding Mauritian islands has gained a lot of interest and the project works closely with MWF’s academic partners.”

The trainee selected will work in collaboration with the professionals and volunteers responsible for the project.

Do you want to apply? Entries will go until the 14th, Monday. For details check out the Durrell’s website.

Another highlight of the week was the celebration, on the 9th, of #BookLoversDay. And for book lovers, Durrell has indicated works by its founder Gerald Durrell. In addition to learning about environmental preservation, knowing the history of the one who founded the Jersey Zoo, reading is also a way to help conservation projects around the world.

Get the books here: www.durrell.org/wildlife/product-category/books

The week of the Royal Marines began with the release of a video about the marksmen. In the video you can see some of the camouflage used in some missions.

Royal Marines sniper training

Royal Marine snipers are used in every theatre of war fighting, day or night. They can halt or hinder an advancing force.They psychologically degrade an enemy. Not knowing where or when they will strike…

Publicado por Royal Marines em Segunda-feira, 7 de agosto de 2017

“Royal Marine snipers are used in every theatre of war fighting, day or night. They can halt or hinder an advancing force. They psychologically degrade an enemy. Not knowing where or when they will strike…”

The Royal Marines also highlighted in their networks the medical and rescue training that Royal Marine Band members perform. That’s right, although music is at the heart of the RMBand, all officers scale up to help shore up the corporation.

“They have a vital operational role providing medical support to Royal Navy deployed hospital care at sea and on land based operations.”

Between more than 1600 annual presentations, rehearsals and musical and military training, there is always a team ready to embark on a mission, usually in the Argus RFA.

“Their job starts the moment a patient arrives by helicopter or sea boat with the Medical Emergency Response Team (MERT) safely transferring them from flight deck through initial assessment, triage and into the Emergency Department.”

To play this important role, musicians participate in training exercises, including the Exercise Medical Endeavor aboard the RFA Argus at sea.

Read the full article on training at the Royal Navy website.

And to end the week, the Commando Challenge page – which takes place on October 14 and 15 and raises funds for the Royal Marines Charity and Devon Air Ambulance Trust – shared the hurdle of the week, the Crocodile Pit.

As the description of the obstacle stands out, it’s a lot of mud from head to toe!

Follow the Portal Henry Cavill to learn all about the causes of which Henry Cavill is ambassador.

»»» theroyalmarinescharity.org.uk/
»»» www.durrell.org
»»» cavillconservation.com


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