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Henry Cavill addresses the causes of Royal Marines Charity and Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust as ambassador.

For updates on these causes in the week, follow our Charity Updates:

The Royal Marines week in the nets began with the thanks of the Governor of the British Virgin Islands for the help of the Royal Marines to the population after the hurricanes that hit the island and for helping in the worst hours.

“The efforts of the BVI police force combined with the UK military and UK, Cayman Island and Bermuda police forces has been outstanding. I’d like to thank you all” – Gus Jaspert, Governor of the British Virgin Islands.

In addition to other actions, the Royal Marines helped unlock roads, repair power cabling, repair roofs and vital buildings such as hospitals and schools, and also bring water and supplies to the affected population.

Thanks also came from the Royal Marines for team # Raid17 & 65 Degrees North. Formed by a team of fifteen men and women – who were injured on duty – they completed a bicycle challenge, from coast to coast of the Pyrenees, raising money for the Royal Marine Charity.

Then came the campaign to celebrate anniversary of the Royal Marines Commando, which completes 353 years with #Cake4Commandos.

From October 1st to 30th, RMs encourage pastry chefs and bakers to celebrate cakes commemorating Commando’s birthday by raising funds for the Marines.

[More at the Royal Marines Charity website]

And to close, the RM are attentive to coverage of the Invictus Games 2017, which takes place in Toronto from the 23rd to 30th of this month.

Invictus Games is an international para-Olympic sporting event for military and veterans of the military injured in missions. Some of the sport included in the competition are basketball, volleyball, indoor rowing and cycling, among others.

90 participants, representing the United Kingdom in the competition, among them is Mark Ormrod – also ambassador of the Royal Marines Charity – who was injured on a mission in Afghanistan in 2007.

He had both legs and right arm amputated due to his wounds, but he became a symbol of strength, with his trajectory.

Video below shows some of Mark Ormrod’ history:

Today, Mark Ormrod is an internationally acclaimed motivational speaker, a peak performance coach, and the author of the award-winning autobiography Man Down. He is a source of daily inspiration for the thousands of people who follow him on Social Media. He has three children, a beautiful wife and an insatiable lust for life.

On the 27th, in his first participation in Invictus Games, Mark won 2 silver medals in Men’s Indoor Rowing competitions.

Mark was greeted by Prince Harry, who has known him since 2008, and took pictures with him and the other medalists.

More about Mark’s participation at Invictus Gasme at the Royal Marines Charity website.

This week Durell give some special attentios to gorillas.

Last Sunday, (24) was shared the photo of the gorilla Badongo, in #WorldGorillaDay. The beautiful picture of Charlie Wylie, shows one of the most threatened animals on the planet, which has in the projects of Durrell a hope for the species.

This week also celebrated the birthday of Badongo and his son Indigo, and Durrell shared this video showing how the gorilla can also be a proud daddy.

“It’s lovely to see just how gentle Badongo is with his young son, Indigo.”

On Tuesday, 27th, the day of Badongo and Indigo’s birthday, Durrell published photos of Badongo – who turned 18 years old – from childhood, and moments with his mother Virunga and his father Yaounde.

And also posted a video showing the party that the gorillas did with the gifts.

Gorilla Birthday at Jersey Zoo

Today was a very special day here at Jersey Zoo as we celebrated Badongo and Indigo's joint birthday.The keepers treated our gorilla family to gifts in the form of cardboard boxes wrapped in colourful paper and filled with porridge oats, wood wool and nuts. They also had special birthday cards smeared in marmite. Delicious! Here's a little video of the gorillas enjoying their birthday treats. Watch until the end to see just how much Indigo loves cardboard boxes!

Publicado por Jersey Zoo em Quarta-feira, 27 de setembro de 2017

And not satisfied, the next day, Badongo went to the keepers office to find out if there were no more gifts awaiting him. 😂

Where are my presents?

Just checking to see if there are any more birthday presents with Badongo's name on hiding in the keeper's office!

Publicado por Jersey Zoo em Quinta-feira, 28 de setembro de 2017

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