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Henry Cavill is the ambassador for Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust and the Royal Marines Charity. He shows his support through his celebrity status, with social networking, and attending charity events that benefit these causes.

We post weekly updates for both these causes here on our site.

Durrell held an Orangutan Awareness campaign this week which aimed to draw attention to the challenges faced by the critically endangered species and its threatened rainforest home by providing opportunities for schools, businesses, groups, and individuals to demonstrate how much they care about this situation.

Investec was the primary sponsors of the Investec Rainforest Ball where more than 50 participants pledged £ 1,000 to help save an orangutan in the Haven in Sumatra in partnership with Durrell. After sponsoring the Investec

Rainforest Ball, the team at Investec says they welcomed the opportunity to “further show their support for the orangutan both locally in Jersey and Sumatra.” Investec staff members went orange this week in support of Orangutan Awareness Week.

E a Tortoise Protection Group doou todo o lucro da agenda de 2018 para a Durrell, que será revestido para o centro de criação de tartaruga em Madagascar.

The Tortoise Protection Group will donate all proceeds from their 2018 Calendar to the Durrell Trust to help finance the Ampijoroa Breeding Facility for the Ploughsare Tortoise; they are considered the most threatened species of land tortoises because many of them have been captured to keep as pets and because their habitat is turning into farmland.

To order the calendar and to learn more about the Turtle Protection Group, visit the Tortoise Protection Group’s website.

For more ways to help support Durrell’s work to protect the Ploughsare Tortoise, visit Durrell’s website.

Durrell’s team was thrilled to learn that the series “The Durrells” will be shown in Africa very soon. The series will be available to Showmax subscribers in 36 African countries. Learn more here at Media Update’s website.

Durrell’s #RewildOurWorld event took place Thursday the 24th at the Royal Institution in London. For those who could not attend the Durrell London Lecture 2017 event, but would like to support this exciting new strategy campaign, visit: www.durrell.org/donate

Following a request for assistance by the government of Argentina, the Royal Navy, a branch of the Royal Marines, has been sent to help search for the missing submarine, ARA San Juan. The UK sent Royal Navy’s Submarine Parachute Assistance Group, the Falkland Islands patrol vessel, HMS Clyde, and the HMS Protector ice patrol ship, equipped with sonar equipment that can search beneath the waves.

A British C-130 aircraft based in the Falkland Islands with the British Forces South Atlantic Islands remains stood by to assist with the aerial search efforts, and Ministry of Defense efforts, being coordinated through that headquarters. Strong winds and heavy tides in the South Atlantic are affecting officials’ ability to conduct operations; the UK remains committed to the efforts to find the missing submarine as quickly as possible.

For more information visit the Royal Navy website.

The Royal Marines have been sent for war training exercises in Turkey. The training seeks to educate NATO forces, sailors, marines, soldiers, and airmen of different nations; on potential threats and risks of a crisis in the Eastern Mediterranean. How to work collectively with such a crisis, training personnel in the art of planning a complex peacekeeping and evacuation operation.

Being able to operate as one of several NATO participants allowed us to improve our ability to work with other nations.
~ Lieutenant Tom Richards, Merlin pilot

Many thanks were given to the Royal Marines Charity for helping Steve Richards, a former Royal Navy officer, who, even having overcome the psychological trauma, and suffering from physical injuries he got while still an active officer, was still in need of more help.

With just one call, which Steve defines as “One of the best phone calls he ever made,” he had all the necessary assistance offered.

I am very grateful to both your excellent organizations for all the support you’ve given my colleagues and me, and the new style of collaboration you’ve invoked is a credit to you both. It is making a real difference. The RMA and The Royal Marines Charity are in the vanguard of this essential support and reminds me of those great values we hold dear.” ~ Steve Richards

Both the RMA and The Royal Marines Charity are committed to supporting the whole Royal Marines Family. For more information, please view the respective charities websites.

Despite withdrawal from Afghanistan, the Royal Marines remain deployed on duty serving the nation around the globe 365 days a year – whether on anti-piracy duties, protecting the nuclear deterrent, guarding embassies, or on Special Forces operations.

“We are the Royal Marines’, our own Charity and are uniquely placed to understand, respond and react, enabling Marines and their families to overcome their challenges, from life-changing injury or limiting illness, to mental disability, transition to civilian life and even poverty. We can target support to ensure no one is left behind”

The Royal Marines Great North Run of 2018, was confirmed for September 9th. This event that takes place annually in the Northeast of England is the largest marathon in the world, participants race between Newcastle Upon Tyne and South Shields.

For more information about the event visit the Royal Marines Charity website.

Stay tuned to the Portal Henry Cavill, where you can learn all the happening of the causes that Henry Cavill ambassadors.

»»» theroyalmarinescharity.org.uk/
»»» www.durrell.org
»»» cavillconservation.com


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