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British actor Henry Cavill is ambassador to the causes Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust and Royal Marines Charity. He participates in events and campaigns to publicize and raise funds for these projects, counting on his help. To learn more about these serious institutions, their projects, and how to collaborate with these causes, follow our Charity Updates.

Durrell began the week by announcing in their networks that vacancies are open to anyone interested in attending the Gerald Durrell Week in Jersey.

The week led by honorary director Lee Durrell will show participants that the work of the founder of Durrell still lives, and as it happens today, in the various Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust projects around the world.

Participants will meet Durrell’s staff, the “backstage” of their work at the Jersey Zoo, learn more about projects around the world, visit places of historical and cultural interest on the island of Jersey, and attend lectures by Academy teachers Durrell, among other activities.

The event takes place June 23-30, 2018 and you can check information about values ​​and activities at Durrell website.

Since we spoke at Academia Durrell, this week we also had the inscription for the Passion for Primates course.

The course combines hands-on workshops with the supervision of Durrell’s caregiver team, who has the know-how of more than 50 years working with primates.

There will be three days to learn more about the biology, evolution, behavior and conservation of primates and the practicalities of keeping them in captivity.

Passion for Primates takes place in Jersey from June 30 to July 2 at the Durrell Academy.

Learn more at the Durrell Academy website.

The big day of #GoWildforDurrellDay, February 23, and Durrell this week has released a video that brings children talking about the importance of environmental conservation, and experts explaining a little of all the institution’s projects around the world, including the Brasil.

To watch the full video in English, visit Durrell facebook page.

Since 1959 Durrell’s mission is to protect species from extinction. To ensure a wilder, healthier and more colorful planet for future generations, £ 8 million per year is required for Durrell’s global projects.

That’s why your participation is very important. The Go Wild for Durrell Day is a commemorative date to remember and primarily encourage the interaction and participation of everyone in the cause.

Go and see how you can help www.durrell.org/go-wild

The Royal Marines week also began by highlighting a conservationist action by the corporation!

In a joint action with seamen from the remote island of Diego Garcia – 800 miles south of the Maldives – the Royal Marines help scientists understand the habits and monitor green turtles.

Per year, about 800 turtles make holes in the sand to lay their eggs and use the island as nursery.

Altogether, 20 volunteers patrol a 15-km stretch of beach and help scientists put a satellite tracker on amphibians.

Learn more at the Royal Navy website.

Former Royal Marines and adventurers, Glen Steyn and Alex Davidson – from the Exped Orange expedition – also shared updates on their social networks.

The expedition collects funds for the Royal Marines Charity and the Veterans for Wildlife and will cross more than 2,200km along the course of the Orange River and across three countries during the journey.

Glen, who is from Johannesburg, told the Press Association: “Since leaving the corps I haven’t had anything that has challenged me. I just felt like challenging myself again both mentally and physically, and there’s bits of my own country that I haven’t even seen.

Check out a video Glen posted on the ExpedOrange page:

It was shared this week, the story of Jon White, who was injured by an improvised explosive – in 2010 – while serving as captain with the 40 Commando Royal Marines in Operation HERRICK, Afghanistan.

As a result of this accident, he lost both legs above the knee and right arm at the elbow.

Jon received prostheses at the time, but with their change of weight and measurements they needed to be replaced. He recently received from Royal Marines Charity £ 20,624 to fund three new prosthetic arms, which will ensure that he can continue to work in a variety of environments and play a very interactive role in raising his children George and Pippa. Besides (thanks to these prostheses) continue to use vehicles without special adaptations.

He is currently studying a master’s degree in clinical psychology at the University of Exeter, hoping to be more prepared to help those who face their own challenges and traumas.

The RMCharity website shared this video of Jon in his treatment.

Learn how to contribute to the Royal Marines Charity by visiting theroyalmarinescharity.org.uk/

And to finish our weekly update, we can not help but remember that the entries for the Commando Challenge are for sale.

The amounts raised at the event are reversed for the Royal Marines Charity and Devon Air Ambulance Trust projects, and anyone who signs up for the event until April 3 pays a promotional value.

Go towww.commandochallenge.co.uk/

Updates for the week are here, but keep following the Henry Cavill Portal to learn all about Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust and the Royal Marines Charity.

 »»» theroyalmarinescharity.org.uk/
»»» www.durrell.org
»»» cavillconservation.com


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