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Learn about the weekly updates of the organizations that have the actor Henry Cavill as their ambassador. The Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust and Royal Marines Charity count on your support.

Durrell began the week broadcasting a radio program broadcast on BBC Radio 4 – UK – on the 18th, talking about the threat of extinction of the nightingale Floreana, a bird that lives only on the island of Galapagos.

The beautiful song of the Floreana nightingale can only be heard in the Galapagos Islands. Charles Darwin heard it 180 years ago when he visited the islands, even today, without urgent help, this bird and its music will disappear forever.

 He participated in the program, Monty Halls, president of the Galapagos Conservation Trust, which collects funds to help with the conservation of this and other local species.

 Learn more about conservation actions on the Galapagos Islands at the Galapagos Conservation website.

Other news this week, coming from the Jersey Zoo, unfortunately does not have the outcome that we would like.

The Andean bear called Bahia, lost two cubs at the time of delivery, earlier this month.

“We are very sad to announce that Bahia, our female Andean bear, recently gave birth to two stillborn cubs. […] Bahia’s keepers were saddened by her loss, but have been closely monitoring her health and well-being over the past two weeks and all signs show that she has recovered well.”

More at the Durrell website.

To ensure that Bahia and other animals have all the necessary assistance, and that they continue to be accompanied and protected to avoid the extinction of their species, it is very important to help Durrell in his campaigns. The collected values ​​are distributed in several serious projects around the world, and also in the formation of conservationists and guardians of the species.

As ambassador to the cause, Henry Cavill worries about the situation of threatened species and the “health” of our planet. He supports and publicizes Durrell’s initiatives such as ReWild.

So this week Durrell posted a video, (which the actor posted on his Instagram spreading the project), thanking Henry for his involvement and summoning everyone to attend Go Wild Day.

#GoWildDay happened last Friday, 23rd, and featured several activities to raise awareness, connect and engage people in protecting our planet.

Making the world a wilder, more colorful and connected place was a mission for Gerald Durrell, and continues to be for everyone at Durrell.

Henry showed his “wild side” convoting all help him and post a cute pic in his Instagram.

Go to www.durrell.org/wildlife/go-wild to see how to help.

The Royal Marines highlighted in their networks this week the 40 Commando Marines parade, members of the Royal Marines Band and veterans, through the streets of the city of Birmingham, Great Britain.

Birmingham has had a detachment coughing Marines for over 60 years and now, locals are granting the “freedom of the city” to the Royal Marines.

To learn more visit the Royal Marines Charity website.

Another highlight of the RM networks are the Exped Orange updates.

The Expedition that collects funds for the Royal Marines Charity and the Veterans for Wildlife, shared on its Facebook page some photos.

Former Royal Marine and expedition leader Glen Steyn said that while Lesotho’s mountainous borders have spectacular views – which photographs do not do justice to – they are not the easiest to cross with heavy weight on their backs.

The first phase of the 2200km that the adventurers will go through is almost complete.

Follow the Exped Orange news on Facebook www.facebook.com/ExpedOrange/ and learn how to collaborate at www.justgiving.com/fundraising/expedorange.

Another adventure that we can follow through the networks of the Royal Marines will begin in the month of June.

Former Royal Marines Falkland veteran Steve Sparkes will take on the challenge of becoming the first visually impaired to cross the Pacific Ocean.

In partnership with the experienced rower (and his former teammate also ex RM), Mick Dawson, they will travel 2,400 miles on this adventure.

The duo will raise funds for UK’s visually impaired veterans & The Royal Marines Charity.


Updates for the week are here, but keep following the Henry Cavill Portal to learn all about Durrell and the Royal Marines Charity.

»»» theroyalmarinescharity.org.uk/
»»» www.durrell.org
»»» cavillconservation.com


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