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As ambassador to the causes, Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust and the Royal Marines Charity, the British actor Henry Cavill supports and participates in campaigns and events helping to raise funds, for these organizations.

Our column gives the latest updates of Durrell and the Royal Marines weekly.

Durrell Networks highlighted on Saturday the 7th a proposal for a change in the assessment of conservationists’ actions related to the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, the world’s most widely used information source on the conservation status of a species.

The old model of assessment measures the decline in plant and animal populations and classifies species into groups based on their extinction risk.

Scientists, including Durrell’s Chief of Conservation Knowledge, Dr. Richard Young, have now proposed a framework for a new “Green List of Species.” The shift will help focus on trying to take a species back from the brink of extinction; as the Red List currently does, to find ways to help species regain their full potential.

Through four proposed metrics, researchers would be able to measure for example the current status of a species with what would happen if existing conservation efforts, such as protections, funding, or conservation laws as protected areas, had not been taken into account to protect species in the last 50 years. Also, the future assessing, of what would happen to a species in the future, if ongoing conservation actions were disrupted.

To read the full story, go to the Mongabay website.

Other information that Darrell recalled was the presence of Director Lee Durrell during the workshop weeks and “immersion” in the story of founder Gerald Durrell in Corfu, a Greek Island.

The Greek Island, of Corfu, was home to Gerald and his family, and where he had a lot of contact with local species. It is also the setting for the stories portrayed in The Durrells, the TV series hosted by ITV Chanel, which tells the biography of the founder of Durrell Conservation.

The next editions of this event will take place from April 29th to May 4th, and from October 1st to 6th, 2018.

Participants will also be joined by David Durrell, the director of the week on a guided tour of places that marked Coser’s childhood. Such as Corfu’s old town, Mouse Island, Mount Pantokrator, the White House, (home of Gerald’s brother, the poet and author Lawrence Durrell), and will have a talk on the medicinal properties of the island’s herbs with a local herbalist.

Learn more at the Tours Prestige Holidays website.

Last Tuesday, the 10th Jersey Zoo used its Facebook page to thank the boys from the “Birds in Green” team at Victoria College in Jersey. The boys recently participated in the Island Channel Student Business Challenge, making bird feeders and selling them at Holme Grown. They were very kind to donate 25% of their profits to Durrell and came to the Zoo to present their check. Thank you, Charles, Matthew, William, George, Jonathan, and Patrick!

The amount collected was £290, which corresponds to approximately $1400. Congratulations to the team!

And to close updates of the week, let’s talk about Durrell’s most “Wild” Challenge.

It’s almost a month away from the Durrell Challenge. Since the end of March, they have been posting tips to anyone who will accept the challenge of running the 13-kilometer stretch between St Helier and Jersey Zoo.

A workout plan that includes stretching sessions, good physical preparation, good nutrition, and not listening to music during training are some of the tips for those participating in the race. The race will take place on May 13, 2018, @ 9 am (local time).

Remember, Henry, participates in the challenge every year, and has already confirmed he will be participating this year as well.

The Royal Marines, had a week of sporting highlights. What they shared was highlights of the Invictus Games, (IG).

The first edition of the IG was held in London in 2014 and idealized by Prince Harry of the British Royal Family.

Invictus participants are soldiers who have returned from wars with a disability or psychological difficulty.

This year’s event will take place Oct 20th-27th in Sydney, Australia. Last week they had team warm-ups.

Among the athletes was Mark Ormrod, the ambassador to the Royal Marines Charity. Mark was injured on a mission in Afghanistan in 2007. He had both legs, and right arm amputated due to his injuries. He became a symbol of strength. Mark shared his satisfaction in attending another Invictus event and meeting acquaintances. Among the athletes was Mark Ormrod.

Mark shared his satisfaction in attending yet another issue of Invictus and meeting acquaintances such as Prince Harry.

In October, athletes from 18 nations will compete in 11 adapted sports modalities. Needless to say, the Portal will be connected at the event.

Check out more information at www.invictusgames2018.org/

Other games that take place from April 4th thru 15th are the Commonwealth Games, (CG), highlighting Royal Marines who have been through Brazil.

Joe Townsend, who served in the Royal Marines, lost both legs in an explosion in Afghanistan in 2008 at the age of 19. After achieving success in the Invictus games, he won his first gold medal in big games.

Townsend participated in the 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio De Janeiro. For those who do not remember, the Portal covered the event, for our site.

Congratulations to Joe and the team from England!

And now Attention! Sense! In front!

The Royal Marines will be taking command of the United States Marine Corps next month. Calm down, that’s not what you’re thinking. It is a boxing match between the elites of the two countries’ armed forces.

The event takes place on May 8, 2018, at The Royal Lancaster Hotel in London. And if you are one of those who “do not flee the fight” & Get a shirt and a sweatshirt to be part of the team.”

Closing the week, last Wednesday the 11th Royal Marines made a super cute post, remembering National Pet Day, (#NationalPetDay).

It seems that this prompted Ambassador Henry to post a sequence of Kal photos, properly “shaved” on his Instagram. Check out:

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