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British actor Henry Cavill is ambassador to Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust and the Royal Marines Charity. He participates in events and campaigns to publicize and to help raise money for these projects. Follow our charity updates to stay updated on these causes.

Durrell began the week showing on their networks, more of the series “The Durrells,” on ITV in Jersey.

The episode shows that little Gerry makes a new friend named Theo who also loves wildlife. Theo shares with him about turtles: “The tortoiseshell is not a shell, in fact, it is made up of 60 different bones …”

Curiously, Gerry started working with the rarest turtle in the world, Plougshare, which unfortunately is very much targeted by the black market. And because of his illegal hunting, he’s on the extinction list.

It is not just sight for illicit and for-profit activities. There is a serious work of preserving the species. With a very insistent ambassador: Henry Cavill, who calls for preservation and an end to the practice of illegal hunting and selling of Plowshare.

Last Tuesday, the 17th, the Jersey Zoo released a video commemorating the Appreciation Day for the bats and showed a little of the care they receive at Durrell.

Bat Appreciation Day 2018

Today is Bat Appreciation Day, so why not take this opportunity to help raise awareness of the critically endangered Livingstone's fruit bat, or even visit the colony at our newly extended Island Bat Roost at Jersey Zoo? If you haven't been able to visit, here's a little video to show you around! #BatAppreciationDay Huge thanks to Animal Friends for their generous donation and 3C International for the video.

Publicado por Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust em Terça-feira, 17 de abril de 2018

Durrell’s well-known Bat Ben is from the Livingstone’s bat species (critically endangered), he and his family receive affection and also the attention of famous friends. Among them is Durrell’s ambassador Henry Cavill, who has already visited Bat Ben and his mother Claudia in the park.

Henry counts on his support for the preservation of this species. Learn more at www.durrell.org/wildlife/

Tips posted on Durrell’s Challenge Facebook page last week is being well used by Henry.

On Tuesday, he posted on his Instagram page a photo of his Durrell Challenge prep workout, and the same day Durrell’s networks shared the post.

The race takes place in Jersey on May 13th. Henry’s participation has been confirmed.

In addition to the course of 13 k, there will also be activities for the whole family and especially for children, such as the Superhero Safari. It’s going to be a busy day in Jersey, is it not?

And to close the week, we have to talk about the initiative that happens in Manaus, with the participation of former Brazilian students from Durrell.

The Salim Committee (which Durrell participates in), and the local City Council have agreed to protect and regenerate an area of connection between Mindu and Adolfe Duck that lies in the heart of the city of Manaus. The two areas are currently separated and have populations of monkeys in them, the corridor will be of great benefit, especially for the population in the district of Mindu.

Trainee Durrell Academy, Brazilian Diogo Lagroteria and Marcelo Gordo, from the Tamarindo project in Manaus, have been extremely influential in directing the relationship with the community and conservation work with the species.

Durrell’s Facebook page shared a photo of street art, painted on a wall near the access road to the city hall, which symbolizes a reminder of the importance of protecting this species.

The week in the Royal Marines begins by congratulating Mark Langford & Jonh on the excellent fundraising work for The Royal Marine Charity.

Great work from Mark & John as they both cycled 100 miles each on Watt Bikes, helping to raise funds for The Royal Marines Charity.

Great work from Mark & John as they both cycled 100 miles each on Watt Bikes, helping to raise funds for The Royal…

Publicado por The Royal Marines Charity em Quarta-feira, 18 de abril de 2018

This great challenge was part of a wider fundraising effort by the friends and family of Joey Lanford, following the loss of the Royal Marine recruit.

That challenge would not have been realized without an effort from friends and family members of Joey Lanford, who gathered to create a series of activities and events to raise funds for The Royal Marines Charity.

Joey was tragically killed, en route to his Royal Marines training – in October 2017 – close to completing 23 years and fulfilling his dream of winning the green beret. But his memory encourages actions that help other Marines and their families.

Speaking about actions, Paul Lawton, WO2 of Commando 40, surpassed the mark of £ 6000.00, approximately R $ 29,000.00 raised for The Royal Marines Charity.

Paul Lawton, Gup ll, the latest challenge was to face the South West Coastal Path. He took on the challenge of 18 months earlier when he completed the 70-mile race.

The second interaction began on Studland Beach on April 6, along with the southwest track, without thinking how far it might go.

The difference from one challenge to another is that Paul tried to involve more people who ran into him, including inspiring his wife Beth and her daughter to participate in different phases. It was a 71-mile race, self-sufficient and in terrible weather conditions. With strategic stops for your refueling.

I would like to thank my wife, Bethany, and all of my family and friends who helped make this happen.” The runners, PO Dave Brown, CPO Paul Holmes, Cpl AJ Orchard, CS Rev. Lee Sean Kelly, Simon Chainey and Kev Ross, a big thank you to everyone at The Foundry Arms (Moz and Tracey Tombs) who always support The Royal Marines Charity and my challenges“said Paul.

He concluded. Thanking the support of family and friends, as he crossed the Swanage Pass to meet Beth and her 3-year-old daughter.

“I just went over the £ 6,000 mark raised for the RMC. I started 3 years ago and will continue until I reach the £ 10,000 mark. […] The work we do to raise money is nothing compared to the sacrifices we make to those who need our help in times of need.

Paul had already surpassed other brands in previous challenges.

Everyone at The Royal Marines thanked Paul for getting involved with the causes of the institution. And you also want to help Paul reach his next goal.

Click on the link and learn more: www.justgiving.com/fundraising/paul-lawtongump2

Another highlight in the social networks of the Marines was the participation of ex RM, Nick, in the series on entrepreneurship exhibited by the ITV channel.

In this new series, Karren Brady presents brave people who decide to start a new business. While every year in the UK, 30,000 start-up companies fail, some visionaries start businesses believing they have the next “big idea.” Karren will find all these people at the beginning of their first year. Then in an instant, it will be 12 months later, and she will find out what happened in that period.

One of these people is Nik, who with his partner Louise, created the Hidden Valley Bushcraft.

Nick served as a Royal Marines Commando for 11 years, participating in missions around the world, including several trips to Afghanistan. When faced with a medical waiver, Nick was inducted into the Royal Marines Charity at Hasler.

Having no experience in setting up a business, the Royal Marines Charity were able to assist Nick with his business plan as well as put him in touch with a mentor to guide him in establishing Hidden Valley Bushcraft.

The Royal Marines charity then went on to be a specialist training fund, allowing Nick to train and qualify as a bushcraft * instructor.

*bushcraft: Necessary for their well-being and livelihood, including fire-fighting, tracking, hunting, fishing, building shelters, use of tools such as knives and axes.

Nik comments on the support of the Royal Marines. “Without the Royal Marines Charity’s help, I would not have been able to start the business, especially in time for my discharge, and I am extremely grateful for their support.

Hidden Valley Bushcraft also launched Woodland Kindergarten, providing a unique location for children to become resilient, confident, independent, and creative students.

The ITV program will be shown on April 23 at 8:00 PM local time in the UK.

And the weekends with the REORG Functional Fitness page, inviting everyone who wants to join the work of rehabilitation and functional fitness to get in touch with the page and learn more details on how to help.

Watch bellow:

Start your REORG journey today. If you need help or would like to support leave a message for the REORG team! Are you a Veteran or serving wounded? REORG Functional Fitness Foundation and Rock 2 Recovery are in place for you to help combat the psychological and physiological symptoms you may be dealing with. Everyone that starts Functional Fitness knows the psychological and physiological benefits that can be attained, please help get the message out and help REORG help those in need. If your a Veteran and would like to get involved in Functional Fitness please message REORG directly @reorgfunctionalfitness @thomaswmerriman #reorg #royalmarinescharity #royalmarinesbjj #reorgfunctionalfitness #stateofmind #ufc #royalmarinescommando #crossfit #functionalfitness #functionaltraining #wedefyfoundation #military #militarytraining #vetrans #mentalhealth #combatstress #ptsd #commando #greenberet #rvn #marines #bootneck #royalmarines #reorg #conditioning @tatamifightwear @thermcharity @rock2recoveryuk @stoicconditioning @reorgboxing @royalmarinesjiujitsu @gc_resilience_project @crossfit @contactcoffeeco @thrudark @thermcharity

Publicado por REORG Functional Fitness em Sexta-feira, 13 de abril de 2018

The REORG Functional Fitness Foundation and Rock 2 Recovery help fight the psychological and physiological symptoms that veterans and injured officers deal with in their lives. Functional activities bring various benefits to physical and mental health.

REORG works hard with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu as one of the tools for rehabilitation and is connected to Royal Marines projects, which has Henry Cavill as ambassador.

Follow them on Instagram to learn more about this work: @reorgfunctionalfitness, @rock2recoveryuk, @reorgboxing, @royalmarinesjiujitsu, @crossfit & @thermcharity.

Follow the Henry Cavill Portal to learn all about Durrell and the Royal Marines Charity.

»»» theroyalmarinescharity.org.uk/
»»» www.durrell.org
»»» cavillconservation.com


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