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Henry Cavill is the ambassador of Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust and Royal Marines Charity, social causes he take part and shared through images, social media and some events he joins.

Follow here in Charity Updates all the news about that social causes that happened during the week.

The first day of september began with Durrell bringing out their hard work, twenty four hours a day to protect the habitats and recover primates populations around the world, including lemurs in Madagasgar, monkey in Brazil and orangutans in Sumatra.

In the last February Durrell released a new strategy with high goals to be achieved until 2025, during the Gerald Durrell’s 100th anniversary,the founder.

The objective of the strategy is build natural landscapes diversifieds,beautiful and calm where the species can live and have a deep connection with the people.  Basically the strategy focus on recover the animals,renew the ecosystem and the people.

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That day was celebrated the #InternationalPrimateDay and the Durrell shared in their stories on instagram some little videos of their orangutans in the park.

Learn more about the strategy and how to healp Durrell continue theirs beautiful work of species preservation accessing the website https://www.durrell.org/wildlife/rewild-our-world  and find out how to help for a world wilder,healthy and colorful.

Did you know that the frogs are our friends? But did you know that the frogs are our friends? but this time who it’ll be in the spotlight  is the miss frog. This kind of amphibians are remarkable parentes, Did you know that the frogs are our friends? But did you know that the frogs are our friends? but this time who it’ll be in the spotlight  is the miss frog. This kind of amphibians are remarkable parents and defend the nest,besides to feed the tadpoles with constant supplement and unfertilizeds eggs.

On the next september 15 and 16 the Jersey Zoo will be celebrating the Frog day chicken from mountain. During this time those who be in Jersey- or on way – You can visit the Durrell Discovery Center and learn how the scientists on Caribbean are traing to save these amphibians,or you can become a junior scientist and have fun with many activities. The event is free for subscribers and don’t need reservetion. All the schedule is on the  Park facebook page: www.facebook.com/JerseyZooOfficial


In case you want to help save this specie in danger be part of the campaign to raise funds for more researches about the chicken from the mountain in Montserrat, go to www.experiment.com/mountainchicken to learn more.

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On the last wednesday (5) was celebrated the charity day- #InternationalDayOfCharity– The Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust enjoyed the moment to thank to all the people that support their actions and all the effort throug those years doing a donation or spreading their work in social media.

This support is very important on the mission to save animal in risk and species in extinction.


This work it’s not easy,but it is a rewarding work that raises the soul This work it’s not easy,but it is a rewarding work that raises the soul of who works for Durrell or for anyone that work to make this possible in some way. Like,Durrell’s ambassador Henry Cavill who works hard to be part of all the campaigns to raise funds to maintain and extend the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust.

It’s not because you don’t live in Jersey you can’t do a donation or be part of the campaigns. On the website www.durrell.org/wildlife/ you find all the information of how to make a donation or adopt an animal on the Jersey’s zoo

Os Royal Marines começaram o mês de setembro anunciando que os ingressos para assistir as Bandas em Massa – Massed Bands – de Sua Majestade, no Royal Albert Hall, já estão à venda.

The Royal Marines starts September announcing the tickets to watch the Massed Bands of your majesty on the Royal Albert Hall which are available right now.

All the concerts will take place on March 15 and 16, 2019 e show the talent of the best martial musicians from the world and receiving the treatment of ”West End” with amazing lighting effects.

Don’t forget that all the money earned is for social causes that the Royal Marines Charity and CLIC Sargent supports. To know more about go to: https://bit.ly/2NVKoeS  and see all the details about this performances.

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On the September 4th  was the National Wildlife Day – #NationalWildlifeDay – and the RM shared a shocking and terrifying video on their social media. A huge spider crawling on a Royal Marine’s face, showing how is important to control your fears and stay calm even in the danger situations.


The movie called ”Spider” shows what a qualified combatant can bear. Showing us that the RM training involve focus, no matter the type of fear they have.

To learn more about the UK’s Amphibious Combat Force – the team that is in the most dangerous operations- The Royal Marines- just check the Royal Navy website to see all the altruism, courage and positivity of this British Royal Force.

His Royal Highness will meet up with Royal Marines training recruits as well as Invictus Games Racing team members.

And to end this week’s Charity Updates, let’s not forget that there’s less than 35 days left for the Royal Marines Commando Challenge at Woodbury Common near Exmouth in Devon.

The event will offer its participants a real resistance training course taught by the Royal Marines themselves.

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The MR tips to succeed in this challenge is “to work as a team, with joy, motivation, consideration and care so that together they achieve the ultimate goal, no matter what their capacity.”

So for those who have the courage, determination and feel ready to take on the challenge, 5 or 10 km, join the Royal Marines Commandos team.

For more information on event dates go to the website https://www.commandochallenge.co.uk/

Good luck!

 Stay tuned for our weekly updates about Durrell Royal Marines Charity! See you next week!

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