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Another week full of news and big emotions! So was the week on Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust e Royal Marines Charity.

Board on another Charity Updates and stay on top of some of the top news of social causes that Henry Cavill supports as an ambassador.

On the last September 6th at the Jersey Zoo the Go Wild Gorillas was launched a Project that will be made in partner with the Wild in Art to celebrate Zoo’s 60th Birthday on 2019. Through the stories posted on Durrell’s instagram we can see all the enthusiasm that took over the Jersey Zoo, during the organization of the project launch event.

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Durrell CEO Dr. Lesley Dickie explained to guests during the presentation of Go Wild Gorillas how will be organized the thrilling trail of sculptures in Jersey: “On the next summer Gorilla’s sculptures with vibrant colors,on real scale made by artists will be put around the island, what will bring people to a trail full of discoveries and not just to find out the Gorillas but the nature around them“.

The first Gorilla released on the night of the event was the Ding-Dong made by the artist Bem Robertson best known as Bokra. It was painted with vibrant colors on the pop-art style that shows the fun nature of event.

You can find more information of how to join and help the Go Wild Gorillas at Durell’s website.

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Everyone can help to make a better place, so the Durrell full of pride join the Remember A Charity in your Will Week.

The Human Search Engine is coming soon…

When it comes to the world's biggest questions, data and algorithms don't always have the answer. This Remember A Charity Week, we’re launching the #HumanSearchEngine. Ask your question from 10 September. #charitytuesday

Publicado por Remember A Charity em Terça-feira, 4 de setembro de 2018

The week of Remember a Charity this year will happens on september 10 to 16th with the support of 200 charities that together they will launch the Human – The first charity-based world search engine. The Human shows the fundamental role of charities that help to solve the biggest issues of humanity and how to help leaving a present on your testament.


Go to  www.humansearchengine.org and be a part of this initiative.

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And all the hard work of Blue Iguana Recovery Programme – to return to nature 1000 blue iguanas bred in captivity finally was rewarded. The target set in 2001 was considered too ambitious, was reached and the hundredth iguana is already back to the natural habitat.The number 1000 best known as Renegade was one of the ten iguanas liberated in the Collie Wilderness Reserve on July 23, 2018. Who announced the successful launch, was the National Trust for the Cayman Islands.

The Blue Iguana Recovery Program was launched in 1990 with Durrell becoming later, between 2004 and 2010, an important partner. Learn more about the Blue Iguanas, and the Blue Iguana Recovery Program by going to Durrell’s website.

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The Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust received a certificate of registration as the first registered charity of Jersey under the terms of the Jersey Charity Act 2014. On a ceremony at the Jersey Zoo on September 12, John Mills CBE, charity commissioner from Jersey, presented the document to Durrell’s Executive Director, Dr. Lesley Dickie.

Durrell is the first charity to get the approval and, as such, will be entered in the public register of charities the Dr. Dickie said: “It is a great honor for Durrell to be recognized as the first registered charity in Jersey This island has been home to Durrell for nearly sixty years and this recognition of our charity work allows us to continue our vital mission of saving species from extinction. I would also like to thank all of our visitors, members, donors and supporters who believe in our vision of creating a more wild and colorful world.

Learn more at Durrell’s website.

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The Royal Marines started the week announcing that British and French forces are training together for Caribbean hurricane rescues.The auxiliary ship of Royal Naval RFA  Mounts Bay landed a team of 19 Royal Engineers of the British Army and Royal Marines in Martinique to be trained in natural disasters and humanitarian support.

These trainings involve tracking in the jungle, experiments with French and British weapons resulting in a scenario for Caribbean island earthquake drills. The mission included “reconnaissance of infrastructure, assessment of buildings and facilities available after the disaster, evacuation and treatment of victims, reopening of major routes blocked by debris, security assurance to reassure civilians and prevent looters and proper handling of refugees.

Access the Royal Navy website to know more about the RM experiences.

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To celebrate the role that music plays in rehabilitation and recovery of injured men and women, last weekend (08 and 09), hundreds of people attended the H Fest music festival at Lower Halsdon Farm raising funds for the Hasler Recovery Center – Royal Navy Rehabilitation Center for people suffering from physical or mental trauma.

The event featured rock bands, food stalls and various other activities who cheered the day of families, friends and children who attended the event. Clicking checking out Exmouth Journal website you can see pictures of all the happiness of those days that was very special.

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Still on fundraising, the REORG Foundation – of the Royal Marines Jiu – Jitsu revealed on its Instagram page how much it collected collectively through the website Just Giving the value of £ 28,417, thanking everyone who supports this great cause.

They also said that if you are a veteran or you are injured the REORG together with WE Defy Foundation can help you fight the physiological and psychological symptoms that afflict you, so just send a DM to Instagram @royalmarinesjiujitsu.

And now to finish our weekly newsletter, be sure to check out the story of Billy Baily, who served in His Majesty’s Royal Marines Band for more than 10 years. During the time he was on duty underwent two serious incidents that in the long run together with his work post RM, made him psychologically fragile.

Read on the Royal Marines how the Royal Marines Charity welfare team in association with the High Ground were instrumental in their recovery, providing support and guidance as to their future – HighGround is a charity that helps retired professionals and veterans discover outdoor living through Horticultural Therapy.

If it were not for the help of the Royal Marines Association, Royal Marines Charity and High Ground, I do not know where I would be now.” Billy Baily

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That was the HenryCavill Charity Updates. Next week we will be back!

In the meantime, be an active participant in the social causes that Henry supports, whether through adoptions, giving, or disclosing them, everything is valid when the result is for something you believe.

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