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The Henry Cavill Charity Updates features a summary of the week’s top news from the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust and Royal Marines Charity, social causes Henry Cavill is ambassador. Through its social networks it supports, divulges and participates in events raising funds for them.

Welcome to Durrell’s week! A criminal action is quickly taking the Ploughshare turtle to extinction in nature.

According to a recent reserch, co-authored by Durrell scientists and conservationists, and researchers from the Universities of Antananarivo and Oxford, populations have fallen catastrophically in the last 10 years. This is thanks to illegal hunting activities that have had an impact on this species since the beginning of the 21st century.

Record numbers of captures by the authorities, combined with data from a field survey conducted throughout Baly Bay National Park in north-western Madagascar, point out that illegal international pet trade would be the main reason for the rapid and severe decline in turtles.


National and international organizations are joining forces and building important partnerships including the Voahary Gasy Alliance and Madagascar Voakajy Alliance and even the Madagascar government to save not only the Poughshare turtle but also other highly endangered turtle species in Madagascar.

Plight of the ploughshare tortoise

Ploughshare tortoises are in danger of extinction! 🐢A new study by Durrell scientists has reveled for the first time that populations of the Critically Endangered Ploughshare tortoise have more than halved in just 10 years. In 2015, the estimated population was less than 500 tortoises.Read more at: https://www.durrell.org/wildlife/news/illegal-pet-trade-driving-ploughshare-tortoise-extinction/

Publicado por Jersey Zoo em Sexta-feira, 12 de outubro de 2018

To learn about the research done by Durrell scientists and conservationists, visit Cambridge.Org website.

Read more at Durrell‘s website.

How about stopping at the Dodo Café and having a drink while watching your little ones run loose on the brand new covered playground?

Just go to the Jersey Zoo and see the new recreation area that was inaugurated last October 13th.

The value for accessing the Wild Wood space is £ 16 (R $ 77.23) per adult and £ 11.50 (R $ 55.51) per child. But, if you want to become a frequent visitor, it’s worth it to sign up as a member. Go to Durrell’s website  to learn more about associations.

 Next week has Halloween Half Term, in the Jersey Zoo.

The events begin on October 27 and run through Nov. 2, from 10:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. local time.

Take your little monsters to the Durrell Discovery Center and let them enjoy a variety of crafts and Halloween themed activities. And do not forget to take a peek at the collection of animal skeletons and make your own to take home!

More information on the Jersey Zoo page on Facebook event.

And we want to wish long life to Jiwa!

On October 17th this adorable orangutan turned 19 years old. Look at that beautiful picture of Jiwa, made by Hans Bender.

This week don’t forget to stop in the Orangutan Islands at Jersey Zoo to say “hello”!

One of the main highlights that marked the week of the Royal Marines was the Commando Challenge, which took place on the 13th and 14th of October, where more than a thousand people attended, even under heavy rain, to enjoy a lively, challenging and overtaking weekend with Aston Martin Bristol as the main sponsor.

The event, which has already featured the participation of Henry Cavill, offers the unique opportunity for civilians to participate in the resistance course that Royal Marines recruits face during a 32-week training session, allowing them to go through the experiences of sheep diving, Peter’s pool, smart tubes, among others.

The challenge is carried out between 5 and 10 km and all proceeds are earmarked for Devon Air Ambulance and Royal Marines Charity.

This year the event introduced a novelty, the Dog Show, a challenge especially designed for the four legged friends of the participants of the Commando Challenge, which had as organizer and sponsor the Corner House Vts in Exmouth.

It was a super high-spirited weekend, with bands and several food stalls. The Royal Marines Charity thanked everyone who participated, as well as volunteers, sponsors and partners. To know more about the event and check all the images go to the Commando Challenge Facebook page and have fun or get excited.

Following the success of the Commando Challenge, the Royal Marines Charity are proud to announce that they are supporting the North American team 65 Degrees North in the epic expedition of Munda Biddi.

The team began to pedal, without support, the Munda Biddi Trail which is considered the longest in the genre and one of the main attractions of National Geographic. To know more click on the website of the Royal Marines Charity and find out more about this great adventure and its participants.

Another important highlight of the week of the RMC was for the Royal Marines Nick Pinninger, who about to receive high medical earned a prestigious award from a Corwall charity.

The Croft Yachmaster award was given to Nick in recognition of all his efforts in the RYA Yachmaster training program with the Turn to Starboard charity that supports the military personnel affected in operations. Click on the Royal Marines Charity website and learn more about the awards.

And the Royal Marines Family has announced that the agendas for 2019 are now on sale. Get yours through the Royal Marines Shop website!

In addition to the agendas, the site offers a variety of product choices for the Royal Marines. Choose and buy one of your own, that way you’ll be helping the Royal Marines Charity because all the profits under the sales are donated to them.

This was another weekly bulletin of social causes that Henry Cavill is ambassador. Do like Henry, participate by being active in these social causes, be it by endorsing, donating or spreading. All help is welcome!

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