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The Henry Cavill Charity Updates is the weekly summary of the top news from the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust and Royal Marines Charity. Henry is an ambassador for these social causes and it is through his social network that he supports and publicizes the works and events of these institutions.

On November 15, Durrell will present global case studies that show how the work of rebuilding the ecosystems of the Mauritius and Galapagos Islands has been done during the lecture Rewild our Islands: The Durrell Lecture 2018, to be held in London.

If you can participate, follow the link where you can get your ticket and get informed about the schedule and the speakers. But if you can not attend the talk, you can still support the #RewildOurIslands #RewildOurWorld campaign by donating through the site www.durrell.org/rewild.

Five years have passed, since the first choughs were launched in Jersey. And, whereas public awareness it is very important for a conservation project to succeed, graduate students have conducted two studies focused on children and adults to find out if the island’s public was aware and what they thought of the species. The results showed that a very small percentage of children were aware of the presence of red-beaked choughs in Jersey. Similarly, most teachers, who confessed not to know about the Birds On The Edge project.

Choughs, close relatives of crows and rooks, are considered pests by the islanders and controlled under Jersey laws to protect agricultural products.

To know the results of the studies carried out, access The Birds on the Edge website and discover how educational workshops have raised awareness about this important project to reintroduce Jersey wildlife.

Durrell is in need of friendly, trustworthy and fun volunteers to train as Zoo Rangers who will be based in four main areas: Butterfly House, Lemur Walkway, Gerald Durrell Story and Gorilla Enclosure.

Volunteer with us!

We couldn't carry out our work without the help of our amazing volunteers! We are currently looking for people to help us with…🛒 Durrell Charity Shop | 👻 Boo at the Zoo | 🏃‍Durrell Dash | 🐾 Zoo RangerPlease join our team and use your passion to help us save species!If you live in Jersey and would like to volunteer regularly for Durrell, please consider signing up for our charity shop – we need people all week but especially on Fridays! It’s a great way to meet new people, build skills, give back to the community and make a difference.Charity Shop sign up: https://bit.ly/2QBaaGf | Find out more: www.durrell.org/volunteerHuge thanks to Pat Kucza for the video!

Publicado por Jersey Zoo em Sexta-feira, 5 de outubro de 2018

If you want to help Durrell reconnect people to nature and save species from extinction, please do not miss this opportunity! We count on you and your help. Sign in at Durrell Volunteers website for more information and to sign up.

The Royal Marines started the week with a big announcement, from next year women will be able to train with the Marines. This elite body is the last career to accept women. This decision was very well accepted and many have already started the recruitment process. The statement was made by Secretary of Defense Gavin Williamson who said: “Women have led the way with exemplary service in the military for over 100 years, working in a variety of specialized and vital roles.

About the Recruitment Process, Lieutenant Colonel Mike Scanlon, Royal Marines recruiter reported that “The recruitment process is exactly the same for women and is designed to ensure that potential recruits are physically and mentally ready to take on the challenge of the Command Course.” Those approved will be eligible to attend Royal Marines pre-selection courses on New Year’s Day and, if successful, can join the Royal Commando Marines Course at RM Lympstone CTC in 2019.


The Royal Marines Commander General – Major General Charlie Sticklnd – welcomed the opportunity for women to serve on combat missions and the pride in accepting them in Royal Marines training courses. Read the full story and find out what it takes to enter the career by visiting the Royal Navy Website.

The Royal Marines Charity have already started announcing The “Since 1664” Yomp, with a date scheduled for May 25, 2019, inviting them to call their inner soldier on this path of resistance, which will push their physical and mental limits.

A unique resistance challenge, with epic proportions, is as difficult as any other training tests that the Royal Marines face. The 2019 event will be the seventh and the average success so far is over 40% with collections of £ 1000 per person. Visit the Royal Marines Charity website and know everything about the event, including how to sign up.

And last Sunday, October 28th, the Royal Marines celebrated their 354th birthday. Henry Cavill as ambassador of this great cause also did his homage sharing a picture of when he participated in the Commando Challenger in 2016: “Happy Corps Birthday to the Royal Marines! 354 years and still hoofing! Now remember, while celebrating, if you find yourself covered in brown stuff, wearing a flower for a hat, with your arm around the nearest bootneck, chances are….you’re doing it right.

The Royal Marines are synonymous for “Excellence, Integrity, Self-discipline, Humility, Courage, Determination, Altruism, Joy’’. The PHCBR also leaves its record of congratulations to this elite British Royal Navy troupe, every effort and dedication that they demonstrate each day for their country, by the people, are of unparalleled magnitude.

This was another Henry Cavill Charity Updates. Do as Henry and adopt one or more causes, the feeling of contributing, of being part of something grandiose as helping people, families, animals, ecosystems is sublime. Visit the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust and Royal Marines Charity websites and embrace yours!

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