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This is the Henry Cavill Charity Updates. The weekly summary of top news from the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust and Royal Marines Charity. Social works in which Henry is an ambassador and through his social networks supports, publicizes and participates in events, with the purpose of raising funds for the maintenance of these institutions.

On Sunday November 4, it was the day of celebrating the 11th anniversary of Durrell Dash.The 6 and 13-kilometer challenge along Trinity’s slopes was a colorful and exciting celebration of the new butterfly and turtle exhibit at the Jersey Zoo.

On Facebook page, Durrell thanked the 650 people who participated, and Rathbones for sponsoring the event and Jersey Water for keeping the runners hydrated.

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The Durrell Dash 2018 results are in the event section on Durrell’s website.

The money raised will support the new exhibition of butterflies and turtles at the Jersey Zoo.

Hey, look another wonderful project from the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust: The Plastic Free Jersey.

The coastal ecosystem of the island, has been suffering a devastating impact because of plastic garbage. But not everything is lost, and at the Jersey Zoo a job has been done to reduce plastic waste.

Celebrating our unique relationship with the sea – Plastic Free Jersey

We're so excited to be launching our Plastic Free Jersey short film ! It really showcases the ‘why’ behind our work at Plastic Free Jersey – the fact that we live on a beautiful island with an incredible coastline, and that we want to keep it that way.We were so fortunate to work alongside many islanders to shoot the video – from local surfers and fisherman to families and adventurous kids and many more. We’re very proud that every single shot has been filmed on island – no stock footage, and all shot by local videographers.Huge thanks to Alliance Jersey for their support, and to Black and Red Films for their incredible work in producing the film. Also to everyone who played a part in making this film – Massive gratitude – Ocean Culture life Robbie Dark Little Joe's Shop and Surf School Harry Swift RNLI Lifeguards Jersey Chester Mackley Absolute Adventures Jersey Shelley Kerry Starboard SUP Sam Morris Toby Greatbatch Mehdi Padidar Jersey Surf Film Festival Eco Active Jersey Wilson NashIf you love our island and want to join the Surfers Against Sewage movement for a cleaner ocean, then please share this video and sign up to Plastic Free Jersey today 🌊🙏🇯🇪

Publicado por Plastic Free Jersey em Sexta-feira, 2 de novembro de 2018

If you want to get involved in the initiative, Plastic Free Jersey provides helpful advice on how you can reduce disposable plastics.Follow the tips through the Facebook project page.

If the 40 are the new 20 for us humans, so is Kishka!

The beautiful orangutan of Jersey Zoo, has reached the best age, on the last day November 9.

She received a gift filled with fruits, nuts and vegetables and a KONG stuffed with mashed potatoes.But it was Indigo who took advantage of KONG. He stole the present, without giving Kishka a chance to even open it, causing the keepers to go and prepare another for her.

The Royal Marines Charity began the month of November releasing Commando Kids, which is an initiative for kids ages 3-12 to have the opportunity to learn skills, engage in activities, and thus understand what it takes to become a Royal Marines.

The suggested initial donation is £ 10.00, which includes several interesting items for children to learn a little more about MRI and its cause, encouraging them early on to develop ideas for fundraising for this institution.Visit the Royal Marines Charity Website and learn how to get the material!

It was announced the launch of the 2019 calendar “Hampton Lucy Ladies”. The idea of the calendar came from a group of women during a night with the girls: “We are just a group of beautiful friends, of all ages, shapes and sizes, but with one thing in common – a close relationship with the Royal Marines, whether as a mother or as a close friend of the family.

This is another resource to raise funds for the cause of the RMC, at least 70% of sales will be destined to support the Royal Marines and their families:”We wanted to do something a little different and show the true Spirit of Command that women displayed as excellent: Courage, Unity, Determination, Adaptability, Altruism, Joy, Fortitude and a huge amount of Commando humor – and a calendar was born.” To learn more about this visit the Royal Marines Charity Site and also check out how to get yours.

And last weekend a group of officers and veterans Royal Marines began the  354 Challenge.The route involved the traditional peaks of the UK and should be completed in approximately 140 hours, but by updates of their social networks, it was completed in 80 hours and 47 minutes.

This was another fund-raising event for the Royal Marines Charity cause as well as Cancer Charity for Children. To make your donation and to know more details click on the Just Giving website.

And this Sunday, November 11, will be marked by Remembrance Day – that date was chosen to remind all soldiers killed in combat, right after the First World War.As November approaches, many people start wearing a red button on the lapel that symbolizes a poppy flower, this was chosen because shortly after the end of the war began to be born on the battlefields, so that day is also known by Poppy Day.

The date is celebrated in all countries that are part of the Commonwealth, each having its own ritual. The main British ceremony takes place at the Whitehall Memorial War and flowers are left there in tribute to all the soldiers who have died on all battlefields since World War I. On Royal Navy social networks we found several official statements leaving their messages to all who served and served the country. Access, listen and get excited about them!

This was another Henry Cavill Charity Updates! Do as Henry Cavill and adopt a cause. Whether it’s the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust and / or The Royal Marines Charity, you’ll be amazed by the excitement and pleasure it will bring you.

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