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The Charity Updates is a weekly summary of activities and news from the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust and Royal Marines Charity. Social works that have the support  of Ambassador Henry Cavill that through their social networks and participation in events he helps to raise funds for the maintenance and growth of these institutions.

We start this edition of Charity Updates, talking about job opportunities.

If you want to work for Durrell, go to the institution’s website, to get more information and apply for the job opportunities available.

You can sign up until November 21 for vacancies and maybe become a volunteer or an intern (if you are a student).

Good luck!

Durrell reacted to Iceland Foods‘ Christmas ad.

In an ITV News interview, the CEO of the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, Dr. Lesley Dickie spoke and answered questions about what is palm oil, why it is a problem, and the issues surrounding unsustainable palm oil.

Jersey conservationists react to Iceland Christmas advert

Iceland Foods Christmas advert has sparked a huge conversation about the use of #PalmOil. But what is palm oil, and why is it an issue?Lesley Dickie, CEO of Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, answers all of our questions…

Publicado por ITV Channel TV em Terça-feira, 13 de novembro de 2018

According to the CEO, palm cultivation for oil production has contributed to the decline of areas that are natural habitats of wild species such as orangutans and leopards.These areas are cleaned and burned, often illegally, for palm cultivation, and for this reason many animals move to other places.Lesley also told that Durrell decided not to use palm oil anymore on any of the products that are sold at the Jersey Zoo store.”We have orangutans here at the zoo. We have to look at them, and be comfortable with what we’re doing.

During the summer artists, Ben Robertson (Bokra) and James Carter (Midnight) turned the orangutan nursery into the Jersey Zoo into a beautiful, colorful exhibit. As you can see in this video made by Kaizen Creative.

Orangutan artwork

Over the summer, artists Ben Robertson (aka Bokra) and James Carter (aka Midnight) have been transforming Jersey Zoo's Orangutan enclousure into a beautiful display of colour!Since the artworks completion we have seen a huge surge in donations for our partner, the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme (SOCP).🎥 – Kaizen Creative | #OrangutanCaringWeek | #OCW

Publicado por Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust em Quarta-feira, 14 de novembro de 2018

Since the artwork was completed, there has been a huge increase in donations to the SOCP – Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Program, Durrell’s partner.

And still talking about works of art and artists. Durrell makes an invitation for ALL ARTISTS. It’s you, who has the spray, the pencil or the brush as a tool for work or play.

If you still do not know, in 2019 is the 60th anniversary of Durrell. And in celebration, the institution is partnering with Wild in Art to launch the Go Wild Gorillas project, which will create a trail in Jersey with life-size Gorilla sculptures, decorated by talented artists.

This is an exciting (paid) opportunity to work with us and the internationally recognized Wild in Art to showcase your work in Jersey in support of our new gorilla home and our mission to try to encourage more people to go out and explore the beautiful island of Jersey!

To know more about the project, know how to participate and download the artist package, visit the project website or send an email to art@gowildgorillas.org.

The Royal Marines Charity began the week announcing that this Monday, November 20, will be the long awaited auction of the sculpture of the twist of Mark Ormrod, former Royal Marines.Currently Mark is a motivational speaker and Brazilian jiu-jitsu student at Royal Marines Jiu-Jitsu and current champion of various modalities of Invictus Games 2018.

The sculpture is a work of the sculptor Bem Dearnley and is portrayed in the classic Greek style of the fragmented torso of a warrior.It has been featured on a promotional tour of several corporate lobbies in London and will be auctioned for the best offer at a Royal Marines Charity dinner on Monday at the Guildhall.

To make a bid and maybe get this unique and inspiring artwork you can only access the Royal Marines Charity website and click on the link that was made available for the auction. Recalling that all amounts collected will be shared among the social causes of the Royal Marines Charity & Blesma.

Last Sunday on November 11, Remembrance Day was celebrated – Marked by several honors in various social networks, one of the Royal Marines Charity Ambassador Henry Cavill, who expressed himself the day before:

Tomorrow is an important day, not only is it Remembrance day (also known as poppy day), a day where we remember members of the armed forces who have died in the line of duty, but it also marks 100 years since the end of the First World War. Many many brave lives have been lost in war since that war of wars back in 1914, they shall all be remembered.

Henry also took the opportunity to publicize his participation in the London’s West End project, Broadway and Hollywood for the Armed Forces:I’d like to share with you, this incredible tribute to service personnel around the world. It’s a truly powerful piece, composed by Dan and Laura Curtis, I hope you enjoy. The link to the full piece can be found in my bio, I highly recommend listening to it. There is also a link to the fundraising page should you wish to donate.”

To watch the complete, and exciting video, click on Dan-Laura Curtis’s YouTube channel in case you want to make a donation on the Just Giving website.

Still on Remembrance Day, the date was chosen to remind all soldiers killed in combat in and after World War I – this year celebrating 100 years – Sam Fowler, former Royal Marines, participated in the “Centennial Challenge” to help raise funds for the Poppy Legion & Royal Marines Charity.

In August Sam left the Royal Marines to follow a dream, open a gym. His inspiration for this challenge was taken from the time he was a member of the RM and all his “brothers”who are still serving. To learn more about this epic challenge go to the RM Charity  and discover all the obstacles you had to go through and access the Just Giving website to donate.

We have come to the end of another Charity Updates announcing that the Royal Marines Charity is proud to support the mission of Baz Gray, former Royal Navy Commander, in the Antarctic Challenge.The challenge will be fulfilled without any support, such as the help of dogs, parrots and resupply. Baz will be alone on this crossing from McMurdo Sound to Berkner Island.

This challenge is proof that is beyond human resistance and has never been completed. Baz is a passionate supporter of charities in particular that of the RM Charity and will be using this event to raise awareness for such a noble cause. Access the RM Charity website and learn more about this spectacular challenge.

This was Charity Updates this week. We look forward to you next week, in which we will come back with more information and news on the social causes that Henry Cavill is ambassador.

And if you want to be a contributor or supporter of these causes, do as Henry does, participate. It does not matter how you will help. If through donations or disclosures, all help is valid! The Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust and Royal Marines Charity are counting on you to continue working for those who need help or recovery.

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