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The Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust and Royal Marines Charity are social institutions that have the support of Ambassador Henry Cavill, who disseminates them through their social media. Henry also participates in events that are intended to raise funds for the maintenance and growth of these institutions. The Charity Updates is a summary that brings the activities and events that occurred during the week, promoted by these social works.

We wish to congratulate the participants of the Integrated Course on Conservation and Species Management and the six outside students from Brazil, Sweden, Nicaragua, Ukraine and Switzerland who completed their training this month.

The six students have joined graduate students at the University of Kent and the Durrell Institute of Conservation and Ecology who are studying a module on Species Conservation. The following photos are from the field trips to Ouaisne Common (site Agile Frog), the trip to La Mielle de Morville and Sorel (Chough reintroduction site).

The many sheep (rather than the choughs) in Sorel are part of the Rewild our World, a wider conservation program that will help bring back the natural landscape that it should have when the choughs were last there.

The Durrell Academy team received the visit of the Brazilian Fernando Lima.

Fernando, who also graduated from the Academy (he took the DESMAN course in 2006), is Senior Researcher at the Instituto de Pesquisas Ecológicas – Instituto IPÊ, Durrell’s partner organization in Brazil.

This was the first time that Fernando returned to Jersey since 2006. On the occasion of the visit, he gave a lecture on the work of the Instituto IPÊ in the construction of forest corridors in Brazil, showed his PhD research on the interaction predator-prey in landscapes fragmented and shared this interesting link with images taken from a camera, animals in parts of the forest where the Institute operates and the corridor that the Cans for Corridors has helped to create.

The IPÊ Institute was officially founded in 1992, and is currently one of the largest environmental NGOs in Brazil. It is even recognized as a civil organization. Its headquarters are in Nazaré Paulista (SP), and conservation and environmental education works are carried out, with the involvement of the community, and a team of more than ninety professionals, who work in more than forty projects throughout Brazil.

To learn more about the IPÊ Institute, visit the organization’s website. There you can also know how to actively participate in the projects, or through your very important donation.

Is coming the 2019 Virgin London Marathon!

The marathon that paralyzes London is the largest annual fundraising event on the planet and attracts over 40,000 runners and large crowds. And Durrell is inviting runners who have the energy and commitment to not only train for the marathon but also help us raise awareness and resources for Durrell on our 60th birthday.

If you are a dedicated person and are willing to attend and raise funds for Durrell’s birthday, do not miss the opportunity to sign up for the marathon. List your reasons for running and send an email to events@durrell.org.

The date of the event, time and venue will be announced shortly on Durrell’s website, on their social networks, and here at Charity Updates.


This week’s Charity Updates of the Royal Marines was marked by major events, beginning with the special thanks of the Norwegian king Harald V, for the participation of his country in what was the greatest military exercise carried out in the last three decades, Trident Juncture. The 81-year-old monarch was at the spot where Arbroath’s sailors were taking part in the final stage of this war exercise.

The Trident Juncture is part of a series of planned and programmed trainings to ensure that OTAN forces are always ready and able to operate together,responding to any threat. King Harald still congratulated the Royal Marines on his recent 354-year anniversary.

Access the Royal Navy Website and read the full story.

Another important event was the Commando Series of this year, which took place on November 10 and 11 – marking the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I – which had more than 2,000 participants, making it a real success.

Full of physical and mental obstacles from the RM test book, the enrollees sweated the shirt, literally. After 12 miles, participants were gradually crossing the finish line, exhausted and their sore bodies.

The Commando Series is another event held to raise funds for the cause of the Royal Marines Charity. The registrations are already open for next year, which will take place on November 09 and 10, 2019 at Hever Castle in Kent. To learn more about the next, go to the Commando Series Site and stay inside the details of what is the most complete training test of the Royal Marines.

The main highlight of the week was the auction of British sculpture Ben Deamley’s torso by Mark Ormrod – former Royal Marines – last Tuesday at the Annual London Dinner. The statue was purchased by the Gosling Foundation for £ 38,000 and donated to the Royal Marines Museum.

Renowned auctioneer Nick Bonham was the one who led the auction that featured other items, one of them donated by Mark, a Bremont watch, which got the £ 30,000 bid, and another: an experience with the Royal Marines in Norway which was sold for £ 130,000. The London Dinner was held at The Guildhall, attended by General Sir Gordon Messenger – Deputy Chief of State Defense, as well as the Royal Marines Band Service.

The event was sponsored by Patron Capital and has already raised about £ 950,000 for the Royal Marines Charity, being considered the most successful fundraiser of funds so far, but the goal is to reach £ 1,000,000 and for this, the RMC counts on the awareness of all to continue donating. To know everything about the event go to the Royal Marines Charity Website and to make a donation the Just Giving Website.

This week’s Charity Updates is ends here. We will be back next week with more information and news about the social causes of Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust and Royal Marines Charity, and we’ll be waiting for you.

Please join to Ambassador Henry Cavill to be a contributor and supporter of these causes. Be part of it! The way you will help is not the most important, but your action matters. Whether through donations or publicizing the work of these institutions, the Durrell Wildlife Conservation and Trust and the Royal Marines Charity count on you to continue working for those who need help and recovery.

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