Exclusive interview: A jungle journey with Durrell volunteers


Pete Wright, with Steve Hayes,  spent 10 days running through 245km in Amazon, and told everything about their experience for Portal Henry Cavill BR

The main goal was found raise money for Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, a global conservation charity saving endangered animals from extinction that has Henry Cavill as ambassador. That’s why Pete Wright e Steve Hayes started on a wild adventure: the Jungle Marathon.

The Jungle Marathon is a footrace that makes the competitors run 245 km through the heart of Amazon rainforest. With paradisiac overview, wild life, extreme moments and a bunch of adrenalin. “The experience was amazing for the both of us, as well as being the toughest challenge either of us have ever attempted. The terrain was brutal, with hidden vines, tree roots and pot holes at every turn”, tells us Pete.
Before their departure to Brazilian lands, the duo met with a very special person. The Durrell ambassador, Henry Cavill, went to visit the guys to congratulate and wish them luck. Pete says that it was the first time they talked with the Superman actor and receiving his support was the key for their success. 
It was the first time we had met him, and his support was invaluable.
Henry has helped us a great deal is spreading awareness for Durrell.
The man is a true Gentleman and a great actor. In addition, he is a very nice, down to earth human being. It was a pleasure to meet him.
He also met our respective children, gave them hugs and wrote personal messages in their comic books. What a guy!!
We hope to continue fundraising for Durrell, in other events, and hope to meet him again and tell him of our Jungle experience.
While enduring their journey of 245 km, Pete and Steve had to sleep in hammock and care it and all their supplies and food on their backs. Even running with 40 competitors and 10 medics, they had to be self-sufficient, the only help would come in case they have an emergency.
The heat was over 40°C and the umidity over 99% were Pete’s worse enemy. Yet, on the third day, he fell, twisted his ankle and damaged two ligaments. And even his injury was sufficient to make him give up.I was determined to complete the event and I did”.

On the other hand Steve went better with the jungle climate, what helped him has a good score on the race, especially during the longest stage. Pete says thatAt one point he had to cross several rivers in the dark, and could see the eyes of Cayman in the waters surrounding him”. No wonder that Steve is in the top 10 that concluded the marathon.    
That weren’t the only dangerous moment. Pete record that at one point he stood too close to some jaguars and he could hear them growling while he run past it. Needless to say, I started to ran a lot faster afterwards”.

In contrast to all the dangers of a forest, the duo had some amazing moments. Is in an unusual encounter with rare animals or hearing the sounds in the woods or even while crossing with the local communities. Pete says that they frequently we would run with children and give them high fives”.

We loved your country. It was so very welcoming and full of happy and beautiful people”, remark Pete, that is a football lover and was overwhelmed that they always would cross whit goal posts at each village they passed by and he completes “I understand why the Brazilians are the best in the world”.

But, when questioned about coming back to Brazil, hi answers that it would be only for tourism. At least for now. Pete and Steve are both family men, married with small children and have a common life. Steve works as a hotel manager and Pete as an accountant.  That kind of adventure is only a hobby and a way to live intensely and help preserve the planet.

They wish to continue helping Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust and already are planning their next adventure, with the promise of it being more extreme. The sad news is that it won’t be on Jungle Marathon 2016.Two weeks away from home was hard without the kids”.

When they enter in this journey, the guys had the goal to raise 2000 pounds for Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, but they didn’t get the mark yet, so they keep the website http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/JungleMarathon2015 when it is possible to still donate. The entire amount raised will be used in the research and preservation of endangered animals around the world.

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