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Read Henry Cavill Org’s report about the Nomis world premiere during the LA Film Festival:

I was lucky enough to attend the world premiere of Nomis at the Los Angeles Film Festival on Friday night, September 28th, on behalf of Portal Henry Cavill Brazil and Henry Cavill Org.  The LAFF chose Nomis from director David Raymond as their closing night film and held a big event with a red carpet and photo wall outside the Arclight Hollywood theater.

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Nomis LAFF from Worldwide Stories on Vimeo.

Nomis LAFF from Worldwide Stories on Vimeo.

Inside the theater, a packed house was seated to watch the debut of Nomis and festival management, including the president of the LAFF, came on stage to introduce the film and then bring David Raymond on stage to say a few words.

Nomis LAFF from Worldwide Stories on Vimeo.

Nomis LAFF from Worldwide Stories on Vimeo.

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Nomis is a taut psychological thriller, filmed in Canada and starring a plethora of talent, including Henry Cavill, Alexandra Daddario, and Ben Kingsley.  The film is about a weathered lieutenant, his police force, and a local vigilante are all caught up in a dangerous scheme involving a recently arrested, troubled man who’s linked to years of female abductions and murders.
The film was intense and creepy and unexpectedly funny in parts.  Henry Cavill gets a chance to show his acting chops (and use that sexy British accent) that fans who know him from The Tudors days on Showtime television will not be surprised about, but newer fans from Superman and Mission Impossible might not know about.  It’s a chance for Henry to get darker and will be a treat for his fans.  There were some twists and turns that kept me guessing throughout and a crazy conclusion that had me gripping my seat.
When the movie was over, it was given a standing ovation by the crowd with applause after each actor’s name appeared up on the screen.


Afterwards, a question and answer session (Q&A) was held with David and several of the actors, including a surprise appearance by Nathan Fillion.  Please note: an earlier email to us from event organizers incorrectly listed the participants of this Q&A to include Minka Kelly and Dylan Penn.  The cast members who did participate, from right to left, were director David Raymond, actor Brendan Fletcher, Ben Kingsley, actress Alexandra Daddario, actor , actress Eliana Jones, actor Mpho Kaoho, and actor Nathan Fillion.

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The cast and director were interviewed extensively about the film, and we have the entire thing on tape, but there were a lot of spoilers about the movie, so we’re going to wait until the movie has been released before we publish it.  We can tell you that the actors all really wanted to be in the movie after reading the script and felt like director David Raymond kept them in a safe place to explore the intense and unsettling issues covered in the movie.

Check out our exclusive interview with David Raymond about making the movie, Henry Cavill’s involvement in it and his thoughts and feelings about premiering the film at the Los Angeles Film Festival. 


Article Writer: Tai Freligh

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