FANREPORT | ACE Comic Con : Henry Cavill being a true Superman with a young fan


The account @Phatpun87 (Omar) had the chance of meeting Henry Cavill a couple weeks ago at ACE Comic Con in Long Island. He wrote in a group a beautiful report telling how nice Henry was with his son, and now Omar was kind enough to answer all of our questions about this amazing experience. In case you missed it, read his full text bellow:

“Today was a great day for my kids and I honestly cannot say enough about Henry Cavill. For our autopgraph portion of the day as he said to hello to my son, who got caught up in seeing “Superman”. He was speechless, understandably so, but as we finished and said thank you, I didn’t see my son was a lil emotional. We walked off, I gave my son a hug and next thing I know Henry stopped sifning and had come over to speal to my son and gave him a big hug. He told my son that even tho he might play Superman, that the real Superman is in all of us as he points to my sons heart. I was amazed and truly grateful. I told him he meant a great deal to my son shook his hand again. True gentleman. Icing on the cake was when we went for the photo, Mr Cavill said to my son “glad you’re back.” He truly gets it and understands what he means to the fans, especially the kids. Thank you Superman!”

Here’s our questions:

» Were you at ACE Comic Con especially to meet Henry Cavill (and the Justice League cast), or do you often go to Comic Cons?

So I did primarily go to Ace Comic Con to see Henry Cavill. I saw it was the first show ever and was actually gonna be held here in Long Island. Even my sister and another friend of mine jumped all over this. My sister and I got to New York Comic Con as well. We take our kids and they really enjoy the experience, cosplay and culture.

» What was the highlight of the event for you?

The highlight of the event was obviously our encounter with Mr Cavill. How could it not be! It made the waiting around worthwhile.

» How was your experience with Henry Cavill? How was it for you to be side by side with Superman himself?

The first part was our autograph session. Both my kids were in awe and i was excited to meet Superman. As far as he experience tho it was brief it has left an impression that shall last a lifetime. Both my kids will one day have kids of their own and they’ll be able to share the story of how they met the last “son of of krypton.”

» What’s surprised you most about Henry? What sets him apart from others actors?

I’ve encountered a few celebrities but this was actually the first time I did it in this format and what struck me most about Mr Cavill was how much he has embraced this whole culture of fans. It can’t be easy for him to be known as such an iconic figure in pop culture and yet he is perfect for it.

» If you could say something to Henry right now, what would you say?

I would tell him once again thank you for what he did for my son, what he’s done for many kids and adults around the world; letting us believe in our heroes.

» He is such an inspiration for so many people and lots of people dream of meeting him too. So, could you please send a message to all Henry Cavill / Superman fans?

If a person has the chance to see Mr Cavill, do it. You will not be disappointed!

Mr. Omar, thank you for taking time out to talk to us – especially at such a busy time of year. We’re so happy for you and your kids.