Henry Cavill Facts #3 – Henry and his passion for Rugby


Henry Cavill has been already sighted in many rugbys games. El does not hide, in his social medias, his love for the sport.

Which maybe not everyone are aware of is Henry already practice it at High School – at Jersey – but after a injury, he has forced to abadon the sport. At least, inside the field.

As much as soccer here in Brasil, Rugby is a huge british passion, presente ever child ages in their daily lives.

In 2015, Henry joined the Ipes Siam Cup, Jersey, and helped raise donation to Durrell Wildlife Conservation, which he is a very proud ambassador

The invite give Henry away: “Being a Rugby fan and someone who is keen on protecting the wildlife of this world (rugby players included) what better place to be than at the Siam Cup with Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust? It sounds like it’s going to be a fantastic event! So I hope to see you all there. You’ll find me about the grounds and clubhouse throughout the day, hopefully with a pint in hand!”.

Henry’s heart team is Jersey Team, his motherland but he also follow and chear for the England Team.

He even posted a vídeo, february, 2017, to present a rugby mach between England and Ireland.

And is commom he post support to the England Team in his social medias.

Isn’t love or what?


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