Henry Cavill Facts #8 | Temporary Job for Henry Cavill


British actor Henry Cavill, known worldwide today as the Superman, has had his days of anonymity in search of a place in Hollywood.

Cavill stated in interviews that after hearing a few consecutive ‘no’ – at auditions for roles where he was not selected – he even questioned whether he was heading in the right direction.

To pay for travel from Jersey, (or London), to the test site in Los Angeles, Henry got some filler jobs.

One of those temporary jobs was like a bartender at a Jersey nightclub called Liquid.

Henry told an interview with British GQ that after made his first audition to Superman’s role, when he worked there “every night at Liquid when they opened the dance floor section, the DJ always played the Superman music”.

And when it fell through? “Yeah, I’ve stopped playing it after that.

Can you imagine Henry Cavill preparing a drink, by the sound of Superman theme ??? 😮❤️


In a interview to I Capture the Castle(2003), Henry Cavill told he worked at free hours -between a audition and another- and why he did it: “It’s just fun to keep things normal, you know? You gotta do stuffs in your free time. I don’t wanna get bored”

Liquid opened in Jersey in the year 2002, but in 2010 was closed, and only last year the space was reused in another project.

In July 2016, it became the Tamba Gaming Arcade, a space for games.

We do not know if Cavill has been to visit the new facility, but there is no doubt that he will be there any time.

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