Henry Cavill in the top 10 of 2016’s box office: That’s a job for Superman!

Forbes disclosed a ranking with actors that had more profitability at the box office, in 2016, and Henry Cavill is in the Top 10.

In first place is the actress Scarlet Johansson, with the value of $1,2 billions. In the list also appear names like Will Smith, Margot Robbie, Amy Adams, Chris Evans and of course that the biggest hero in theaters wouldn’t be left aside, with Henry in seventh place in ranking, with value of $870 millions.

The criterion to get to those numbers, own Forbes released: “To calculate the ranking of actors with biggest box office, we add global tickets sells of 2016 of the main movies of actors released this year, using data from Box Office Mojo in december 27, 2016. We didn’t count on the animated movies, where only voices were used and only “top-billed” actors were included and/or that had more time on the screen”.

We are already curios for 2017, when Justice League will be released in november at the theaters. With this long awaited movie, what will be Cavill’s place on the ranking next year?

Take a look at the 2016′ s complete list here: Forbes