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Dunhill is a British design house specializing in luxury goods for men and the British actor Henry Cavill has a stake in its history.
Bourdon House in London, was the residence of the Duke of Westminster and today offers the best products of Alfred Dunhill

In 1893, at age 21, Alfred Dunhill who trained as a craftsman’s apprentice, inherited his father’s company. Born as a saddlery, the brand went on to work with car accessories, clothes for chauffeurs, tobacco, lighters and fragrances.
The purpose of the designer’s delight consumers of male luxury goods, from beginning to end. The shops are called “houses” and allow for a complete experience from buying clothes, luxury accessories, fine wines, followed by a haircut in the barber shop which is on site, with a spa treatment to pass the time, If the customer wants to await the next session of a film shown in the projection room.
In 2005 Dunhill revitalized the brand to ensure the introduction of their products to a new generation of customers. This change also affected the segment of brand fragrances, which had its first creation in 1934 and has released until now 19 perfumes.
In 2008, with the launch of Dunhill London, they needed someone to convey the elegance and sophistication of the brand, combined with the strength and modernity of the fragrance. The choice could only be Henry Cavill.

pictures dissemination campaign Dunhill London

Henry was very happy to represent a British home so traditional. At the time of launch of the campaign, he said that his first bespoke suit was a Dunhill: “I remember being extremely proud of it because it was Dunhill, a lovely British company.”

the fragrance has notes of patchouli, vanilla, tonka bean and apple

A suited man is synonymous with elegance. Henry has shown he likes more classic cuts of suits and is not afraid to get out of neutral colors. What about fragrance … well, a striking and sophisticated perfume also has everything to do with him, is not it?

Promotional video of the YouTube fragrance

 Fabiana  Franzosi – Crazy for Henry Cavill BR

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