Join us! #WeWantAHenryCavillLIVE


We, that admire so much this superhero (which also is an example of geek, the owner of the most photogenic dog, this bloke that saves defenseless turtles and also practices sports), we humbly would like to ask him if he could give us a gift?

How about besides continuing with your posts on instagram (which has the best hashtags), you would give us the honor to share a live on Instagram or Facebook (whichever you prefer) dear Henry Cavill?

We have so many amazing subjects to talk about like Kal, your next movies, your social work, Jersey, your workout routine, books, the famous moustache, sports… you choose!

That said, please, as Christmas is just around the corner, be our Santa and let your fan’s dreams come true!

Fingers crossed!

>>> Help us sharing this message using the #WeWantAHenryCavillLive . Thanks for your help!

Join us in this mission!

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