JUSTICE LEAGUE | 30 minutes Special exibition let fans marveled


First stop of internacional Justice League Press Tour happens in China. Some lucky fans hás the opportunity to watch um special 30 minutes’ CUT of the movie and join the premiere, with Red Carpet and all, with the presence of the cast and Henry CAvill.

The reactions after this exibition couldn’t be better!

@fukujang627 describe what saw: “Everybody in the theatre got nuts… definitily, it shows really as a superhero movie must be

Complements didn’t stop there. Via Twitter @_Winter_wind also commented its impressions: “Justice League 30 minutes were 30 minutes of a very well executed plan. I still can feel a loto f Zack Snyder’s work…

In a article published by chinese press, o “veredict” was: “absolutely the most mture work of DCEU… so far. That movie, they explore possibilities more deep from this cinematograpic universe.. We couldn’t see Superman but his spirit insire all the others through everything”.

And after all this words, where the hype goes?!

We can’t wait for the openning, November 17th , to find out all details of Justice League.

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