Kent Planet #3 | The different dilemmas and nuances of Superman


Being the greatest hero of all time, over 80 years, is not for everyone.

From 1938 until now, Superman has gone through several phases and readings – in all the medias in which it has been presented – including the cinema, where actor Henry Cavill currently honors the red cover.

The tough hero who began his adventures in the HQs, distributing punches and full of sarcasm, has been changing over time.

We have a whole set of nuances that evolved with the character, with respect to the Kryptonian Superman, and also in his disguise Clark Kent.

KentPlanet-04The icon of pop culture has already been born with some characteristics that predominate in its essence: 1-Putting the needs of others above their own, 2-Never give up, and 3-Inspire people with their attitudes. But it was also ironic,  “Bizarre”, naive, without memory, confused, friend, husband, son, hero and even “evil.”

How to reach the audience with all these nuances, so that it connects with generations and generations that nurture love and many memories of this character?

It’s not easy task. The Kryptonian model of justice, judgment, hope and morality are tested at all times.

The portrait of Henry Cavill’s Superman is a reconstruction work, of all the admirable values of this character, in a modern presentation.

We all assumed various roles over the same day, as well as their weights and responsibilities. For philosophy teachers Jason Southworth and Ruth Tallman, Clark “over breakfast with his wife Lois’ puts on his husband’s hat. Then he goes to the office where he takes on different professional roles, including journalist, co-worker and employee. When he hears that Doomsdayis unleashed in Metropolis, Clark changes his clothes as if by name, in a markedly concrete acknowledgment of his change of role. When he joins the Justice League, Superman takes on the role of teammate hero. To which to visit Martha Kent at dinner, Clark assumes the role of son, and so on.

For an actor, it’s a huge challenge to bring this complexity to the public. It is much easier to be shallow, superficial, but it is not true.

KentPlanet-05… The weight of Superman’s choices is often similar to that of the choices of world leaders, potentially affecting millions of lives and the future of nations … And even after making the choice, the choice he thought best (or less worse), he still feels remorse and regret-not for the choice he made, but for the fact that circumstances forced him to make a choice.” (Excerpt from William Irwin and Mark D’s” Superman and Philosophy ” White).

Henry Cavill’s Superman in theaters, shows his ability to form the persona of the hero, with the conflicts we face daily on this planet (and more that comes from the other universes of the character).

Just as the Superman of the past was consistent with his time, we currently have a different, realistic and intense presentation of the hero.

But Superman is so rich in stories that it can be approached in many ways. Now that the “modern construction of his identity” has already been presented, we can explore other beloved nuances of the character. With the lightness so charged by critics.

There are so many villains, characters, situations and dilemmas that would be perfect for new scripts, it is difficult to understand why the studios have no concrete project, to continue bringing us the saga of this hero.

No one is more perfect than Henry Cavill to lead us to these other stories, and to continue to make us see the hope, the goodness, and the genuine truth we love in Superman.

Tell us, what story would you like to see in theaters, with Henry Cavill’s century Superman?

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Fabiana Franzosi
Erica Moura

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