KENT PLANET #4 | Superman on “Venom” movie?


You did not read wrong, there’s no crossover between Marvel and DC on the way, but indirectly, we had Superman’s “presence” on Venom’s movie.

If you haven’t watched Venom, yet – in theaters- the rest of the text contains a little bit of SPOILER.

Venom is the anti-hero in Marvel’s Spider-Man universe. Played in theaters by actor Tom Hardy. In the scene in question – after an escape – Eddie and Venom (Tom Hardy), and Anne (Michelle Williams), talk about the symbiote being vulnerable to sonic attacks. Anne says then that this is the “Kryptonite” of Venom.

Well, unfortunately we don’t have Superman (Henry Cavill) participation in the film, but to speak of kryptonite in history shows that DC’s Superheroes are known in this universe.

Which means that the Marvel movie – produced by Sony Pictures – brought an Easter egg from DC’s biggest superhero: Superman.

Out of the big screen, both Henry and Tom practice Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and are Royal Marines ambassadors.

Check out  @royalmarinesjiujitsu  on instagram and see the important rehabilitation work – achieved by the Royal Marines – with the Brazilian Jiu-jitsu.

As unlikely as any combination of Marvel and DC heroes might happen in theaters, would not it be nice to see the two actors work together?

Which villain would you like to see facing Superman in theaters?

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