KENT PLANET #7 | Superman Black Suit


When we think about Superman, we soon have the image of the iconic blue and red suit with the S on the chest. This is Superman who is in t0he popular imagination, but recently began to be commented, dreamed and desired by many fans the appearance of the black suit on cinema.

The black suit first appeared after Superman’s death. Soon after the man of steel’s death several “supermen” appeared, but none of them was the real one. The real Superman’s body was in the Fortress of Solitude in a regeneration chamber.

The function of the black suit is to ensure faster regeneration of the body, helping to absorb more energy from the yellow sun, which is the source of the whole Kryptonian force, remembering that our sun is the only yellow throughout the solar system.

Jor-El Superman’s Kryptonian father is seen several times wearing black suit. In the 2013 film The Man of Steel, Jor-El uses a more armored version of the black suit, and in the classic Superman- The movie, Marlon Brando used a more casual version of it. Which leads us to conclude that the black suit, like the traditional red and blue, is a Kryptonian costume, made from alien material.

In the movies, after Superman’s death in Batman vs. Superman, many fans imagined that he would return in Justice League wearing black and much was said about it, but with the release of the movie in theaters it became clear that Superman’s return came differently and this has left some fans disappointed.

In a deleted Justice League scene we can see Kal-El inside the Kryptonian ship after coming back to life and he goes through the black suit, but ends up opting for his traditional suit.

Wearing a black suit, or his traditional blue and red what matters is the certainty that Superman continues to fly through the sky always bringing hope.


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