KP | Incredible Arts with Henry Cavill- Inspired on Kingdom Come

While there is no news for another Superman solo movie – portrayed by Henry Cavill– DCEU, several artists show their creativity in incredible arts with the hero.

Within the universe of comics one of the most striking stories of the Superman is Kingdom Come. It’s is often by the fans to become the script for a Kryptonian film.

“In the not too distant future, Earth has become the realm of superheroes. Unfortunately for the not-so-powerful habitants of the planet these heroes are becoming more and more irresponsible and destructive, endangering the survival of Worldwide and to make even worse, the only being who can to restore common sense to this race of new and irascible deities the aging Superman, retired years ago.
On this basic premise, screenwriter Mark Waid and the award-winning illustrator Alex Ross built Kingdom Come, one of the comics most striking and relevant aspects of the 1990s, which modern myth of the superhero in a way never seen before. “
(Synopsis of Kingdom Come)

And of course with this legacy the story has awakened wonderful images with Superman Cavill.

The artist’s account @jscomicart published an aging Superman in an interview with reporters.

Another beautiful art inspired by Kingdom Come came from the artist SPDRMNKY XXIII.

Henry Cavill himself has published an art of the original story in your Instagram, as fond memories of a certain place …

Guess which one? Answer: Brazil! ❤️

The wonderful work of Mark Waid and Alex Ross served as inspiration for some scenes from DCEU films such as Batman vs Superman and still have plenty to inspire artists and fans.

We want to know what is your favorite Superman story for a possible film adaptation with Henry Cavill? Tell us.

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TEXT: Fabiana Franzosi
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