You’ve probably wondered what the real meaning of the emblematic S in the Superman chest. Is it just the letter S or an alien symbol that means hope and carries the whole legacy of the House of El? Let’s find out.

When you see the S in the Superman chest, it’s very natural to deduce that he is there because he is “Super” or even because he is steel, but the real meaning is not so literal.

The symbol first appeared in 1938 in the legendary Action Comics # 1 , but in a very different shape from what we know today. In it, Superman had a sort of badge on his chest. This symbol served as a type of model for the other heroes who also started have their own symbol.

The fact is that the shape of the symbol has changed many times over the years. The real reason has never been clear, but the format considered official is that which appears in the DC Comics issue # 26 of 1941.

The establishment of this image forever in the collective imagination happened with the huge success of the film Superman – The Movie, of 1978. The design created for the film influenced up to the version of the comic artist John Byrne, who practically sedimented all bases of the character until the present day.

In Superman -The Movie, the S is presented as the symbol of House of EL. Already in the movie Man of Steel, he is given the meaning of hope – this meaning did not appear in the film, but in the Mark Waid ‘s story Superman: Birthright.

In the 2013 film, Jor-El explains to his son Kal-El that that S represents everything his line believed: Hope. Thus, the S assumed the connotation of Symbol of the House of El and the alien meaning for “hope”. It began influenced by the cinema and soon was established in the comic books, becoming part of the mythology of the Superman increasingly rich and interesting to all the fans of Krypton’s latest son.

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