MEET JERSEY | A visit to Jersey is an experience of sensations and flavors



The first report of the project Meet Jersey, the PHCBR, talks about the diversity of delicacies that can be found in markets scattered around the island of Jersey. The birthplace of actor Henry Cavill, is full of pleasant surprises and attractions for locals and tourists. In Central – St. Helier – there are markets with a variety of fruits, vegetables and seafood, which are specialties of the region.

In Beresford Street, there is the Fish Market built in 1841 and benefited from the wide variety of seafood produced in the waters warmed by the Gulf Stream around Jersey. The main products are crab, halibut, lobster and oysters. The latter has a significant production on the island. Jersey has a farm of over 25 hectares of oyster in Grouville Bay, which produces about 200 tons of oysters per year and supplies the local market and exports the surplus mainly to France. There you can also find deli with cheeses and wines.

The Central Market has 36 stalls ranging from fresh fruit and vegetables, even flowers, antiques and jewelry. With 213 years of history, it is a charming Victorian building in the heart of St. Helier. The market has a fountain with colorful little fish, which is reputed to bring good luck and some tourists throw coins making requests.

One of the select items of the island is the Jersey Royal potato (potato), with about 130 years of cultivation in the region today is the product of more important agricultural exports of the island, with about 35,000 tons sold annually. Small-sized and with a thin peel, which comes out very easily, besides enriching the recipe part of the production is intended for the manufacture of a potato vodka.

Jersey Royal distillery produces a luxe vodka from 2013 – (origin to seal the packaging and certificate “Genuine Product” of Jersey) – distributed worldwide. The distillery also works with other products including a Gin Jersey also of Jersey Royals.

The founder of the line Marcus Calvani said in an interview to Jersey page at the time of launch of the product “I hate to see the waste of sediment in any food production so as to be able to do something as delicious as our vodka, using methods traditional craft and at the same time showing our island in the world with a high end luxury product is something I’m really proud, “he says.

But it does not end there, Jersey also offers the Farmers Market, something like street fairs here in Brazil, where producers sell direct to consumer and the population adopts the leisure point in the city.

Service: The Central Market is open Monday to Saturday from 7: 30 am – 05: 30 pm (but closes at 02:00 pm on Thursdays). The fish market is also open from Monday to Saturday 7: 30 am – 05: 30 pm.

How about going to Jersey regale with all this and appreciate these beautiful places?

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