MEET JERSEY II #3: Entrepreneurship and Mainly Economic Opportunities in Jersey


We have already shown in our column that the island of Jersey, homeland of actor Henry Cavill, is a place to ‘fill the eyes’.

There are several attractions that make Jersey a more popular tourist destination, a strategic point for entrepreneurs and to people looking for quality of life.

Jersey has its economy based on international financial services, agriculture and tourism. The export on the island moves Jersey’s breed of dairy cattle (world-renowned), potatoes (today the most important agricultural export on the island, with around 35,000 tonnes sold annually and even becomes raw material for Vodka production) , Cauliflower, tomatoes, fishing, textile articles and especially flowers. The main market receiving this production is the United Kingdom itself.

Jersey can be reached in an hour from more than 30 cities in the UK and Europe. This makes the island receive many tourists and students throughout the year. They heats the restaurant, hotel and services sector.

With only 5% tax on goods and services compared to 17.5% in the rest of UK, some items, like clothing, may be a little more expensive than on the mainland, but in general this difference in taxes makes the Jersey market quite attractive.

In the past few years, the government encouraged the industry to set up in Jersey with the aim of developing an electronic industry with more traditional companies. All raw material and energy requirements are imported, as well as machinery and transportation equipment, manufactured goods, mineral fuels, chemicals and a large part of Jersey’s food needs.

This scenario, in addition to encouraging local businessman and woman, also attracts foreign investors. But to start a venture on the island, there are some lawsuits required by the Jersey’s government.

Aside from the registration necessary to open any local enterprise, people who do not live on the island have additional forms to fill out and wait for approval, so that they can start an activity in Jersey.

You have to get a registration card to be able to live there and work. The process is done at the Social Security Department, and the data also goes to the Population Office, Tax Office, Department of Health and Social Services, and the Department of Education (who will be informed that you are on the Island if you Have children of school age).

Some of the information requested by Jersey government at the time of your registration are: Your personal informations and address, any details about your spouse / civil partner and children (if applicable), your date of arrival, what your income will be to stay in Island, its residential status (if known), among other data.

When you first move to Jersey, you will have to pay for most of health care, however, the emergency hospital treatment provided at the Emergency Department is not charged. Once you reside for six months on the island, you can get a health card, which gives discounts on some services.

Once you have provided the data and paid the registration fees, you receive a social security number and your registration card. (The cost of this card is £ 75, which can be paid in cash or card). Go to the Gov.Jersey website to learn more about becoming a Jersey resident.

From there you are able to rent or buy a property in Jersey and enroll your children in a local school, for example.

Government encourages low-value companies and high net worth individuals to move to the island. Locate Jersey is the government organization responsible for the promotion, attraction and retention of investment for Jersey. As part of the Department of Economic Development, they provide comprehensive, confidential and free advice to facilitate, support and guide individuals and companies through the process of moving to Jersey.

Go the the Gov.Je website to find more details and links to fill out the required forms.

The importance of high net is due to the fact that a foreigner needs five years in order to have the entire process of implementing an authorized enterprise. But the rewards are a promising market, competitive tax rates, high quality of life, safety (crime’s rate in Jersey is very low), variety in attractions and events, and education of the highest quality, between natural beauties and legacy History of Jersey.

In past editions of Meet Jersey we’ve talked a bit about the mall, the hotels and lodging options, the Vodka distillery (made with the potatoes on the island), and also on the oyster ‘farm’, among other things . Now we had the opportunity to talk to an entrepreneur from Jersey who told us a bit about moving to the island and setting up her company there.

Frenchwoman Claire Boscq-Scott, fell in love with Jersey on her first visit and years later, moved in to the island.

Author of the book ‘Thrive with the Hive’, Claire has worked worldwide, including the EPCOT Center in Orlando, Florida, UK, France and Jersey. Her work focuses on empowerment, coaching and consulting, building relationships and good networking for customer service excellence, and the balance between work and life.

She compares the structure of beehives to business, and from that analogy arose in 2009 her company, The Busy Queen Bee. The idea is that the queen bee is the head of the beehive and that all its worker bees (their mysterious buyers) return to the hive after collecting the pollen (performance). Today it is the only provider of exclusive and personalized services, specializing in customer experience, customer service support, Mistery Shopping, and customer insight of Jersey.

Read Claire Boscq-Scott’s exclusive interview with Portal Henry Cavill:

PHCBR: How did you met Jersey?

Claire Boscq-Scott: I was 18 and just finishing my catering school, I knew I wanted to learn how to speak English and wrote letters all over until someone in recruitment in Jersey answered me and said she could find me a job here as a receptionist at the age of 18 years, I travelled from Nice to Jersey for my first season

When did you decided move in the Island and how was this new beginning?

CBS: I worked in Jersey for 3 summer seasons and in France for 3 winter sky season, then went to work for Disny World in Florida for a year. I came back to England and was offered the Managers’ job at the hotel I worked when I was 18, so we moved back to Jersey for good since 2000. My first season at the age of 18, I cried for 6 months… just hard to work in a place you don’t really speak the language, but when I came back here in 2000, I felt at home and knew this was the right decision to have moved back.

How The Busy Queen Bee started?

CBS: Whilst working at a luxury hotel in Jersey, we had monthly mystery guest visits from a UK company and I realised there was a gap in the market for a similar service with local knowledge. This excited me and gave me the impetus to leave my secure job to pursue this idea. I was getting divorced at the time, I was working silly hours, children at home with an au pair, never having time to see them or the energy to do anything with them when I was off, off?? Sorry a few hours break maybe… something had to give, I couldn’t carry on like that and I actually didn’t want to. I sold my house and used the profit to set up on my own in 2009 to provide a service that filled this gap

What was the biggest challenge of no more be employee and turn into your own boss?

CBS: I have built around me a very good tribe of people in Jersey, and after setting up my business, I built it even more. I was networking everytime I could, I was building relationships and have never felt quite alone. Of course some decisions I took where the wrong one and you learn from it, but that’s why Franchising my business is just so amazing because I can help people running a successful Mystery Shopping and Customer Experience Franchise business without the hardache I had to encounter.

How is the entrepreneur scenario on Jersey? Any sector feels more promising?

CBS: We have a very creative bunch of people leaving on the island. I think the technology and IT is probably the way everyone is looking at, but anything is possible with a good WIFI and a 30 mins flight from London…

In which way your work helps people empowering themselves?

CBS: I work also as a coach/consultant combination, “Coachsultant”; I will “bee” your coach, working with you as a partner, but also “bee” your personal advisor working as a consultant. Motivating you, giving you clarity and accountability but also support with the more technical side of your business, such as: the customer experience which includes your workplace environment, rapport building with yourself, your employees and your customers, and marketing your business to increase your visibility online and offline so you can grow your tribe around you. Coachsulting will help individuals in their business growth at any level of your business, whether they are a start-up, or looking for a new direction. I will help them develop processes, establish goals, create a bespoke action plan and hold them accountable to their goals.

I am now looking at new territories to expand the franchise and entrepreneurs who are looking for a new challenge, a career change, and may wish to run their own Mystery Shopping and Customer Experience Franchise.

You encourage people to share experiences and build relations. In your opinion, which are the best tools to make a constructive Networking?

CBS: Networking is just a MUST, knowing your story what you do and why you do it, is very important for people to be really confident in what they are saying. Finding commun ground always a good tips to start a conversation, and never ever ever go out without a business card… I do also do some one to one networking and public speaking session if anyone is interested!

We’re aware you have a ‘ritual’ to motive yourself daily. Could you share it with us?

CBS: I wake up with 3 things in mind:

– I am thankful for what I have; such as my kids, my house, a good night sleep, this is so important

– What is my one objective that I want to achieve to day?

– What I am going to wear today which is going to help me achieve that goal, again what you wear will help align yourself with the way you feel and communicate with others

What the best thing on Jersey?

CBS: I love the beaches and the walks, I walk everytime I can, for exercising of course, but the sceneries are just incredible and you can’t get enough of the blue sea, white sand, green path, mutil-colour flowers….

Which tips you would gave to someone who wants to settle on Jersey, like you did?

CBS: Do your research first, be sure that’s what you want, living on island 9×5 miles isn’t for everyone, but there is so much opportunities it would be a shame not to do it….

How people can contact you and know more about your work?

CBS: My website will give them plenty of info on what I do, or email

Since we’re a Henry Cavill’s website, we can’t let to ask: did you ever spotted him in the Island?

CBS: Yes, I filmed him last April when he was involved with the Durrell 13 K race, I almost missed him but I still managed to film a little bit of him…

So, what do you think of the Island’s business opportunities?

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