MEET JERSEY | Jersey is a Must-Visit Destination for Shopping and Recreation


The shopping center of Jersey , the birthplace of British actor Henry Cavill , is varied and an invitation to a great tour, with good shopping.

The island gets from shopping malls modern structure with traditional shopping street and even stalls with local produce , scattered on the roads .

St. Helier central area has a stronger trade in the streets, with promenades that have department stores, the central market and the fish market. In Halkett Place – a very busy avenue of the central region – there are sports shops , pet shops , cafes and Jersey Library.

Already in Halkett St (a smaller street that begins next to Boots store, in Queen St.) there’s menswear shops, jewelry stores , gift shops , a small department store called Arcade, Le Gallais
another department store specializing in home furnishings – and Island Music , one of the main shops selling musical instruments in Jersey.

The island is rich in history with its museums, cultural heritage and theater buildings.

Jersey has only 5% tax on goods and services compared with 17.5 % of the UK . Some items such as clothing, can be a little more expensive than on the mainland , but in general this tax difference makes good attractive Jersey market. The island is considered a tax haven. In addition to their banks and financial bases , Jersey also depends on tourism .

The Food options are wide and cater to all tastes, with cafes , bars and restaurants , in addition to fast food, you can taste at the Royal Square, a favorite place on the island to sit and have lunch.

One of the titles that carries Jersey is to be the Floral Isle , there are a big number of florists shops and gardening. Some local producers also sell in small roadside stalls where you can find up fresh vegetables and crafts. There is an annual event to celebrate the production of flowers in the region called Battle of Flowers where cars decorated with flowers make a parade through the city.

And there is much more to enjoy and learn in Jersey.

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