MI6 | Mission: Impossible – Fallout: August Walker & Henry Cavill

The May issue of Empire Magazine comes with news about Mission Impossible – Fallout, and also about August Walker, Henry Cavill’s character in the plot.

In the report, the director Christopher McQuarrie says that Walker is from CIA, tough, cold, calculating and trained to kill. “He’s undoubtedly the biggest antagonist of Ethan in the movie,” says McQuarrie.

The magazine also talks about Tom Cruise’s action scenes, as he hangs upside down in a helicopter as it rises higher and higher in the air.

Cruise is known for not using stuntmen in his scenes, and in this film we can see him in fights in the bathroom and various pursuits: motorcycle, car and helicopter … (And that’s just what has been shown so far in a few minutes of Imagine when the film hits the big screen on July 26!).

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