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Filming is over, the infamous mustache king is gone, but the entire Mission: Impossible – Fallout work week has left a lot in memories as well as the anticipation of August Walker, (Henry Cavill’s character in MI6).

Follow this “summary”, with the most current information, while we look forward to the release of the movie in theaters.

MARCH 2017.

On March 17, director Christopher McQuarrie and Henry Cavill, held a laid-back conversation on their Instagram pages, announcing Henry’s participation in the newest movie of the successful franchise, Mission Impossible.

APRIL 2017

On April 8 filming began officially. After the “opening photo,” director Christopher then began sharing several pictures, with the famous “…” on his Instagram account.

During this period the filming was concentrated in Paris. On the 19th, McQuarrie posted a photo alongside Henry and Tom Cruise.

Aside from the mysterious places that were picked by the director (which they say will be part of the movie), some scenes were recorded on the streets of the city, which allowed us to see many behind the scene moments from the cast.

During his stay in Paris during off-hours, Henry would enjoy some of the charms of Paris, take photos with fans and share with his fans the beginning of his #KingMustache

MAY 2017

On May 23, the director thanked the city of Paris for welcoming him and the team and announced that the team’s next stop would be New Zealand.

JUNE / JULY 2017

There were pictures posted of some breathtaking landscapes in New Zealand, and photos from the cast on set, including Henry.

In addition to the director’s photos, Henry also shared a few moments on his Instagram account. He marveled at Queenstown.

At the end of July, the production team, the cast, and Henry were in London to continue filming.


The bathroom scene of the fight was being filmed during this time, which could be later seen, in the movie trailer.

At the beginning of August, Tom Cruise was injured while filming, in London.


So filming was halted until he recovered. Tom, 55, is known for performing his stunts in his action scenes as he believes the public would like to see.

Director McQuarrie followed the filming with the rest of the cast and began editing some of the material already recorded until Cruise returned to sets in October.

On October 3, the Daily Mail website released photos of Cruise’s return to filming.


In November, the team traveled to continue the filming of #MI6 in Norway.

Henry tested his superhero skills and shared on his social networks.

Director McQuarrie also posted moments behind the scenes and locations.


Henry shared an “almost” selfie on the latest filming before the well-deserved end-of-the-year break. The production team also enjoyed a vacation recess at that time.


The year begins with important announcements about the feature. On the 25th, the official title of the movie “Mission Impossible: Fallout Effect” is finally announced.

The Portal translated an interview granted by the director to the Collider website, check it out!

The date also marked the return of Tom Cruise, and Henry did not fail to welcome his friend back – full of his typical good humor – on TC’s IG account

On the 26th, Henry along with Tom Cruise, Rebecca Ferguson and Simon Pegg were featured on The Graham Norton Show, aired on BBC One. The show also featured singer Paloma Faith as a guest.

We translated the interview (for our brazilian audience) here:

Tom Cruise confirmed the release date of the first trailer of the movie – which would be shown a few days later – during the Super Bowl.

Also, during the interview, a photo that would become the largest meme on the internet at the time. Featuring Actress Angela Bassett and Henry Cavill, the magnanimous #KingMustache


The month begins with Henry releasing the official movie poster on his Instagram.

On the eve of the preview of the trailer, Henry makes us even more anxious, calling on everyone not to miss the moment.

Then, on February 4, the Super Bowl Championship of American Football was highly anticipated not only by the outcome of the game but also by the trailer for Mission Impossible: Fallout Effect, shown during halftime of the game.

* We think the Friction song from Imagine Dragons, combined super well with the original trailer track, and you? *

We were only expecting, imagine after this trailer! #JustComeSoon

And then, on the 21st, director Christopher McQuarrie announces the end of filming. Closing by saying “To the most amazing team on the planet, thank you for all of your hard work. That’s a wrap. Splinter unit, mount up. Time to shoot the stunt.”


MARCH 2018

Even with the filming completed, director McQuarrie shared some more photos on his Instagram account in March.

They were mainly backstage in-flight scenes, and Christopher took the opportunity to thank the support and hospitality of the United Arab Emirates Armed Forces, Maryam Al Mheiri, twofour54 and also of The Abu Dhabi Film Commission.

On March 21, 2018, the most awaited event of Henry shaving his infamous mustache. Henry made a point of paying tribute to the one who accompanied him, and shared with him so many special moments together!

With a video posted on his IG “Here lies the King Mustache” by Henry Cavill. The video went viral on the internet.


On March 25, Christopher McQuarrie shared 2 posts saying goodbye to MI6!

While we wait for more news, stay with our gallery and a link to a summary of the previous films of  The Mission: Impossible, series:

Mission: Impossible – Fallout, opens July 27!

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