[OFF] Gracie Diet Benefits Not Only For Jiu-Jitsu players, Like Actor Henry Cavill


The Portal has already told a bit about Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu’s story – or BJJ – martial art enhanced by the Gracie family, which has actor Henry Cavill as a practitioner.

With years of training experience, competitions, and many academies around the world, Gracie masters tracked the development of the fighters and saw opportunities to improve athletes’ performance on and off the mat.

One of these perceptions was the importance of proper nutrition to ensure health and give more energy to the jiu-jitsu players. However, the benefits of diet, developed by the Gracie family, reach even those who do not play the sport.

It all started with Grand Master Carlos Gracie, who suffered from illnesses among them strong migraines – which left him locked in his room for hours – realized that he had to change his eating habits.

He went on to study nutrition and test his learning on himself and the entire family for years, until he compiled what went right with the Gracie Diet.

The first results he perceived were the disappearance of the migraines and the physical difference, since Carlos passed from a debilitated young man to a man of athletic size who practiced Jiu-Jitsu until his 92 years.

Over the years the diet has also influenced their children and grandchildren and the family biotype has changed. From the traditional 5’2 ft the Gracie athletes reached heights of more 6’2 ft.

The diet is simple and aims to keep the meal Ph as neutral as possible, with natural foods that facilitate digestion, fighting free radicals (which accelerate aging), and provide a healthy life.

Carlos included fruits as a key part of the diet, in addition to other foods with the proposal not to ‘poison’ the body and not make it sick.

The diet promotes that you should not mix cereals with each other, fat with sugar, and acidic foods with no other type. Meals should be taken at four-hour intervals when “the stomach is empty,” and one should try to consume foods in the most natural possible way, avoiding canned, inlaid, processed, and artificial.

The ingestion of various teas and fruit juices, coffee, is encouraged, and recommends drinking a glass of water upon waking and another before bed. The non-advisable items (besides processed foods) are: pork and derivatives, alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, tobacco, candies, cloves and vinegar.

Published in 2006 in Brasil by Saraiva, the book Gracie Jiu-Jitsu – by Helio Gracie – besides talking about fight techniques, also brings the details of the diet.

In 2012, Rorion Gracie launched the book Diet Gracie, which explains in detail its benefits and how to put into practice the tables of food groups, (to facilitate at the time of the composition of the menus).

In a story for Graciemag, Reila Gracie said that “He (Carlos) anticipated several of today’s widely-spread scientific discoveries, such as the beneficial role of carotene (the substance found in papaya and carrot), the concept of free radicals and medicine orthomolecular. Not to mention his pioneering approach to drinking açaí, watermelon juice, coconut water and beaten vitamins, “said Reila, who is the author of Carlos Gracie’s biography.

We do not know whether Henry Cavill fully adhered to the Gracie diet, but certainly as a person concerned about health and well-being, he must have incorporated some precepts into his routine.

 We parted some quick Gracie Diet recipes for you to test. Then tell us the result!

Banana Pancake


Ingredients: 1 banana, 1 egg, 2 tablespoons quinoa or oat bran, cinnamon.

 Knead the banana with the egg and mix the quinoa or oatmeal until you unsheat it.

Afterwards, bring to the bottom of the skillet with the dough. Keep on the fire until you stick the dough with a fork and it is “dry”. Remove from the heat and sprinkle some cinnamon.

Apple and Fig Juice


Ingredients: 14 figs and 7 apples (yields 1.5 liter)

Peel the figs and bring to the freezer. Make the juice, in the centrifuge, with the apples and then just hit the frozen figs with the juice.



Ingredients: 5 green zucchini, fresh cream, 200g of lasagna, 200g of mozzarella cheese, chopped green odor, extra virgin olive oil and sea salt.

Cook the courgettes and then beat in the blender with salt, olive oil and sour cream. Season with the green scent.

Mount layers of pasta, zucchini beaten and cheese on top.

Bake until gratin.

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