Portal 3 Years: To our Readers

In this anniversary month, Portal Henry Cavill wants to thank you for all support and love from everyone who follows us.

Has been 3 years of many interaction, participation and above all respect, for those who make PHCBR happens every day.

We have the concern in each post, each special report and even each ‘meme’ posted to delivery a continent with valid information, quality and humor which is the brand of brazillian people.

Portal searches and encourage audience participation throught coments, corrections and, why not, construct criticism we got.

We learn a lot from our readers and try hard to getting better and better.

The only thing we demand in our interactions is RESPECT. We understand we have to respect to be respected first and that’s how it’s build a solid and long relation.

Portal respects you, who follows us, send your suggestions, requests and coments.

Our intention is always have you with us, and together follow the trajectory of the one who inspire us: Henry Cavill

Thank you all to be part of our history and we hope, you be here , with us, for many and many anniversaries!

Now lets party it up!


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