SAND CASTLE| Coimbra says that Henry Cavill is a humble and simple person.


The Brazilian Director Fernando Coimbra talked to Omelete site about Sand Castle movie, that has Henry Cavill in the Cast as Syverson Captain.

Sand Castle, which recently signed a contract with Netflix streaming service, is set in Iraq in 2003. After the successful first invasion of Baghdad land, a platoon of American soldiers is sent to Baquba in Diyala province, to solve a problem at the city water station, provoked by the US representatives themselves in the country.

When talking about working with Henry Cavill, Coimbra praised the actor’s simplicity and commitment.

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” Sand Castle | Movie about Iraq “made me think about Brazil nowadays” says director.

         Fernando Coimbra talks to Omelete about the feature film with Henry Cavill.

It’s almost done the fisrst Fernando Coibra’s english language film, director acclaimed for A wolf at the Door (2013) film. The movie was recorded in Jordan in six weeks, already assembled, Sand Castle is receiving the last touch-ups and shows Coimbra’s vision about Iraq war. He said to Omelete that he learnd about americans military ethics in the production starring Henry Cavill and Nicholas Hoult and traces parallels of interventionism with what happens in Brazil today.

The plot happens in Iraq on 2003. After a triumphant invasion in Baghdad’s land, A squad of american soldiers is send to Baquba, in Diyala province, to solve a problem at the city water station, caused by the US representatives in the country. The mission that was supposed to be simple turns out to a nightmare. Coimbra, who directed episodes of Narcos series for Netflix, who bought Sand Castle’s rights during the assembly process.

In the following interview, Coimbra explains his approach to the reality of Iraq and to the military procedures of America around the world.


– How was the experience of filming in Jordan, in english, directing a multinational cast from a thorny issue: the occupation of Iraq?

It was a great experience. Part of my decision to make this movie came from my desire to live this experience. In general was amazing. Obviously had its difficulties, especially ‘cause I’ve token my family to live in the Middle East for almost four months. Working with a multinational cast it’s a rich experience. Just as Narcos, where I had the luxury of being able to work with great talents from Latin America, in Sand Castle I could work with super talented UK, US, Egypt, Iran and Palestine actors. I also worked with Iraqi extras. I wanted to have Iraqi people in the movie. I think it was very important for the final result having by my side US military advisers giving their perspective as much as the Jordanians and Iraqis as well. This is what the movie proposes: look at both ways equally.


– How was the exchange with Nicholas Hoult and Henry Cavill?

  It couldn’t be better. Before me, Nick Hoult was already involved on the project. As the protagonist, he wanted to go deep inside of this story and this character. We had a very strong and intense collaboration. Cavill, since he read the script he wanted to do the movie, and this is a fundamental factor. Even though he was involved in the Superman millionaire franchise, he wanted to make this independent film, which would show a different facet of him. We had completely changed his visual. He is almost unrecognizable. Cavill is a very simple and humble guy. It is very easy to work with.


– What approach does the film make to US military interventionism around the world?

 The film is totally not Americanist. The vision of the war I’ve worked on is not heroes, glories, and great deeds. The film is seen from the perspective of the soldier as an individual to show how, throughout the war, all that becomes more nonsensical and absurd to him and the concepts of freedom and democracy that he brought from the United States change once he finds Iraqi civilians and has the opportunity to have a minimal exchange with them.    


 – What did the movie teach you about military ethics?

 There are two military ethics. There is that of the lower echelon, which tries to be as correct as possible (which is not always the case) and there is that of the upper echelon, in which the real interests of a war reside, which are of an economic and geopolitical order. What they sell to the soldiers is the idea that they will bring freedom and democracy to a country that lives under an oppressive regime. What is behind this is the destabilization of that country and the delivery of its economy to international private corporations. What happened in this war is that most of the soldiers came home with a knot in their heads because their motivations did not match the real motives of the war. Studying this, I began to understand better what is happening in Brazil now. It is the same process of interventionism, but without the war, as happened in Egypt. The Obama administration has sharpened its interventionist policy so as to spend less money on the war machine and have the same result.


 – How are your Brazilian projects? Is there anything else on Netflix to come?

On Netflix we only have Sand Castle itself. We are raising funds to run “Os enforcados” in the second half of next year. Gullane, who produced A Wolf at the Door, is on the bill. I am”


Source : Omelete

Edition: Nalva de Moraes
Image Editing: Ana Preto 
Translation: Luiza Medeiros




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