#SDCC2017: DC & Justice League News & Highlights


It happened during the last weekend – July, 19 – 23, San Diego Comic Con, the world’s largest Culture Pop Convention. For those who couldn’t follow everything related to DC Universe ans Justice League, here a summary.

Great announciments abou licensed products, HQs, trailers and news of next projects are made in SDCC. That’s make it a very disputered event. For the famous panels, a lot of people sleep in the line, hoping garantee theis places to see the artists and all the exclusive material shown.

About our favorite characters, many news were relesead. A new collectible line of DC, including Justice League’s heros, and others.

We dont know how much it will cost in reais but those are items let any collector anxious. Complete video.

Hot Toys relesead a new exclusive line of Justice League, incluinding this incredible beautiful of Superman.

A huge news announced at the convention was Frank Miller, the legend of comics, will draw Superman: Year One. The artist is responsible for Batman: Year One and The Dark Knight (the last one was a primary influence on Zack Snyder to BvS scenes)

Publish will have about 100 pages and will also count with drawing of John Romita Jr. Miller and will tell the beggining of Superman’s trajectory:

A first draw was shown at SDCC but there still not a data release for the title.

In a panel, the DC director Geoff JOhns talked about the ev show Doomsday Clock – situated inside Reborn plot – that will linked Watchman storyline with others Dc’s charecters, especially Justice League.

Doomsday Clock will be the story about how Superman faced Dr. Manhattam, mainly antagonist of Reborn events.

The first edition arrives on americans stores st November, 22 and it will be a 12 volumes with a storyline ahead 1 year of the currents event of Reborn, and the last edition of Doomsday will be end all Reborn Universe .

DC’s Youtube channel relesed a video about Justice League and Jeoff Johns talking on Doomsday Clock. Watch now!

Still on Superman, it was also released the first peak on Krypton, new Syfy tv show, dated to 2018. It will pass 200 years before Kal-El was born and focus on his grandfather, Seyg-El (played by Cameron Cuffe, from The Halcyon).

Watch here.

And of course we wouldn’t forget Justice League movie. Ay the most antecipated panel, Warner and DC released a new trailer – with Stenwolf footages – and took part of the cast to the convention on saturday, 22

Part of the cast since Henry Cavill a.k.a. Superman were not present, but it doens’t means he wasn’t remenbered.

Also released a new JL poster signed after the panel to some lucky fans by Ben Affleck (Batman), Ezra Miller (The Flash), Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman), Jason Momoa (Aquaman) and Ray Fischer (Cyborg).

A image that crated some rumors was a picture of Green Lantern. It was said the next Hal Jordan in theaters could be Armie Hammer

The panel with the cast tlak a little about the movie – without spoilers. Ben Affleck reafirmeds he is the Batman and the actors and Gadot answered questions form the fans in there.

A brave young Superman fan, was the highlight of the panel by asking “Where is Superman in this movie?” and Jason Momoa gave to him antypical king of seas reply…

Pause! We must open a window to say Gal Gadot declared/spoiled that “We can’t say much, but if you’re a big fan of Superman you’re going to love Justice League.” ❤️❤️ Let’s continue…

Then, at authografs line, same boy had his hopes renewed by Momoa himself

Who was also remeberd was Zack Snyder, recently away from work because family reasons.

Actor Ray Fisher wear a “I ❤️ ZS” t-shirt.

And share a loveble message in his twitter:

Snyder, on his behalf, was very proud of his “children”:

The other membres of the cast share a lot of panel moments, autoghaph line and trip back in their social medias.

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From our pov…😏❤

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And the internet goes crazy…

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Justice League signings at Comic-Con!

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Finishing, Warner and DC released next productions, but not theis openning dates.

Confirmed: The Batman, Shazam, Green Lantern Corps, Batgirl, Suicide Squad 2, Wonder Woman 2, Flashpoint and Justice League Dark.

Yes, we miss Man of Stell 2 in this list. For now, there only rumours about the production, and we only can wait more information.

Sunday, 23, Henry Cavill shared on Instagram a tease of Justice League trailer and joke about it. “All in. Well, almost

Check out Justice League full panel:

Stay tuned for all Justice League and DCEU updates on all of our Social Media and website!

Sources: Warner, DC, Hot Toys, Syfy, DCEntertainmentTV, IGN quadrinhos e Boletim Nerd

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