Special Report | Jersey celebrates The Liberation day.


This week Henry’s Cavill homeplace celebrated the 71st Liberation day anniversary, date that celebrates the liberation from the armed forces of Nazi Germany during the Second world war.

According to Jersey’s official page “A re-enactment of Jersey’s Liberation happens every year on May 9th. The ceremony celebrates, not only the peace and good fortune that has come to pass since 9th May 1945, but also of the restoration of freedom that has been enjoyed since that day.”

The national holiday had a schedule of celebrations and music activities inspired in the 40s , as the traditional parade of liberation, honors those who died in the period and recognition to those who participated in historical events.

Henry Cavill – who is in the middle of the Justice League’s production – as a good patriot , mentioned the date in his social networks:

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Videos below (3 videos available):

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