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Jerry (Jerome) Siegel and Joe (Joseph) Shuster, both born in 1914, two young Jews, one born in Ohio (USA) and the other in Toronto (Canada), are the creators of Superman character.

Glamor and fortune were certainly linked to the ten years of glory that both had between the first publication of his character and the moment lost the rights to it for Detective Comics, Inc. in 1948.
The first magazines of comic books had appeared in 1933, but were only in restatements of previously published stories in the newspapers.
Launched in June 1938, the magazine had on the cover of the character crushing a vehicle against a rock, while their eventual occupants, alleged criminals walked away hastily site.
 It was open the way to fame.
The character was an instant success, reaching about 500 000 copies in circulation of just over ten months, a figure that would double in the following years.

They seem to be quite varied reasons for the success of Superman. On the one hand, he seems to have been the right character for the right time, meeting the need for self-affirmation of the American people exactly the moment he was recovering from the effects of the Great Depression and began an ascent route to become the greatest economic power on the planet.

Indeed, the genesis of the first superhero there are undeniable biblical background elements, such as the coming to earth of the infant survivor of the planet Krypton on a rocket, which had been introduced by his parents in an attempt to save it from impending cataclysm, It is easily matched the placing of Moses in a basket and its dispatch by the river, in order to spare him from drowning Pharaoh decreed by.
Also the idea of dual identity represented a Superman’s alter ego is just a humble journalist, a little shortsighted, introverted, misogynist and without any trace of courage. 
Origin of the name Kal  
The Kryptonian name of Superman, Kal-El in Hebrew (קלאל) literally means “Voice of God”. Just as the name of his father Jor-El (Yor-El) is a common Hebrew name. Its variations are: Jorell, Jarel, Jerel, Jorrel, Joel, Joren, Jorey and Sorel. The suffix – El is one of the first words in Hebrew to refer to God. We see this suffix in many names of Hebrew origin that appear in the Bible as: Daniel, Samuel, Gabriel, etc. 
History (brief account of who it is) 
This story everyone knows, but we’ll summarize it here: In the vastness of space, there was the distant planet Krypton, the planet was about to explode. The scientist Jor-El and his wife Lara had no choice. To save his only baby named Kal-El, they had to send it into space on a small ship. And this ship came here on Earth in the small rural town of Smalville. The baby Kal-El was adopted by the couple of farmers Jonathan and Martha Kent that named Clark Kent. Growing up, she went to the city of Metropole working as a journalist at the Daily Planet newspaper. In this profession, Clark Kent, could always be absent from newspaper writing and thus could act like Superman without a lot of explaining. 
How was Henry’s invitation to join the film, why it took Zack to choose it 
Watch the video interview that director Zack Snyder gave the Fantastic:

 Director commented on the choice of Henry Cavill for the iconic role, “God, it’s crazy how much he is superhuman! There was a time that we put on clothes Christopher Reeve as the uniform was not ready, it was just the old spandex costume. He left the trailer and no one laughed. It’s the difference between being Superman and dressing like Superman. If I dress like Superman is like a Halloween costume. If you are Henry, are your clothes. It’s incredible. Watch the movie and you will be “Putamerda, it is Superman.” And it’s not weird or crazy, it’s just really cool. “
Snyder said he chose Henry Cavill because in addition to “man face” be beautiful and strong (uy), the guy has a “pinch” of innocence, it appears to be “nice”, without being loose. I would rather that the character had trocentos defects of character, but that’s not the fault of the director, right DC? For the director, Zack Snyder, was the character of Superman as an icon, which did get a cast as star for long

“I made many drawings and one of the first featured Superman on the door of a safe. And I looked, and there was a lot of violence, but also had intensity. I thought if I could pass this on to the film, would be successful, “says Zach about his vision of the character.

Henry says he was at home playing video games when Snyder received the connection. He did not want to stop playing, because at first thought he was not dismissed. But then he heard:. “We have to find to define how it will prepare” Henry went mad and went screaming through the neighborhood: “I am the Supeman “. Main Cast


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