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The main character of the literary saga The Witcher – the inspiration for Netflix’s newest production with Henry Cavill -, Geralt of Rivia is known for being one of the last wizards, and is also among the most powerful ones.

Wandering around the Continent seeking contracts to kill monsters in return for money, Geralt puts to use the heavy training he received in Kaer Morhen, the fortress where the school of the Wolf is situated.


While in there, he got prepared for his craft, going through several mutations and tests that granted him many special skills. The additional mutations the wizards go through bring benefits such as:

• quick reflexes;

• enhanced hearing;

• increase in strength and speed

Geralt, however, is a special case. Since he went through the initial tests with extreme ease, he was submitted to additional mutations, never before tested in other wizards.

As a result Geralt gained super-human mental and physicals skills, becoming more agile, stronger and experiencing better reflexes than any other wizard. However, as a side effect, the mutations made him lose all pigmentation on his body (hence the pale skin and white hair).


Besides the mutations, the wizards were also trained in Alchemy, Signs and became excellent swordsmen.

Geralt possesses a vast knowledge on arcane alchemy and is able to quickly craft an array of potions to increase his skills for some time.



“The wizards adapted the art of spell-casting by taking advantage of the fact that it does not require any magical formulas – concentration and a hand gesture are enough. That is why it is called a sign.” – extracted from Blood of Elves.

The wizards prefer one-handed weapons such as knives and swords so the other one is always free to cast signs.

This simple magic, when performed properly, is extremely effective against monsters and other foes.

The best known signs are:

• Aardtelekinetic wave that pushes, stuns and even knocks one down, depending on its intensity and on the size of the target;

• Ignisets objects and foes on fire;

• Yrdena trap that immobilises foes;

• Quenprotects against physical damage;

• Axiicauses mental confusion and in some cases mind control;

• Heliotropprotects against spells;

• Somneused to put the target to sleep.


Geralt adapts those skills to his needs depending on the types of enemies he faces upon accepting a contract.

As a good warrior does, he chooses a different strategy to approach each monster.


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