MI6 | Tom Cruise back in London to shoot Mission Impossible

Five months after enjuring himself at a jumping buildinds stunt scene, Tom Cruise is reshooting some takes of MI6 at Blackfriars Bridge, at central region of London

This Saturday (13), traffic was interruped at the bridge and boats were kept away from the area. Meanwhile, a helicopter flew low recording the movie star whie the Bleckfriars trains passed by Cruise’s acrobatics over Tamisa.
As usual, Tom Cruise (55) did not used dubles and faced cold to make jumping and running stunts over station roof. Many passengers had no ideia whom was working over their heads

Henry Cavill is at London, but he was nor seen in the shooting. We have no confirmation if there are any scenes left for him to shoot, but we are attemtive to any news.

Follow up Portal henry Cavill br and #RadarMI6PHCBR to now everything about Mission Impossible 6.

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