Touching History in China shows Henry Cavill is also a real life Superman


For those like us whom been follow Henry Cavill’s careear through the years, that’s not new but some fans could presence one more momento f attention, respect and care Henry hás with his followers.

A mother Who lost her son in a accident took a draw made by him to accomplish the boy last wish: havinga his idols’ autoghaphs.

This attitude launched a campaign in social medias so the cast took knoledge and signed the drawing.
And guess Who was the first to sign? Of course it was Henry Cavill!❤️

In her Vero’s account FionaDcPositive told about Henry’s actions:

jlpresstour-china_supermanreallife-05“There is something sad but beautiful happened last night on #JusticeLeagueChineseTour. 

A chinese mother who lost her son in an accident go to the event to accomplish her son’s last wish, to getting JL cast’s autopraphs signed on her son’s Justice League tribute paiting. It’s started a little storm on both Chinese social networks and English speaking plataform like Twitter. And it’s finally made to the Cast. It has been well handled by #Henry Cavill, #Superman. 

Henry listened and companied with that grieving mother got all #JusticeLeague members autographs. He even take few minutes comforted her and appreciated that boy’s paiting. It’s almost made him late for group photos on Red Carpet. Henry is the true #Superman last night.

IMO, even there’s still have ppl who didn’t believe Superheroes, but @ZackSnyder’s #JusticeLeague and the whole thing happened last night gonna told them differently.”


This mother’s heart must have get less heavy after this gesture of caring from the cast, and the autoghaps in the art her son left.

Thank you Henry for being a everyday Superman and inspire us with your virtues, respet by others, and bring us He hope that are still good people in the world.

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