Two great careers in a solid partnership: Dany Garcia and Henry Cavill


We received a lot of questions from the readers of Portal Henry Cavill about Dany Garcia, Henry Cavill’s career manager. It’s hard to say in a few words what the job of Garcia is. She coordinates – with great efficiency – several projects at the same time, but we’ll focus here on her trajectory, for those who don’t know her yet.

Dany Garcia was born in New Jersey and later moved to Florida, where she graduated in Marketing and International Finance from the University of Miami School of Business Administration. She then worked at Merril Lynch, a North American investment bank, where she became their Vice President and acquired the expertise to later open her own private wealth management company: JDM Partners, LLC, with investments in other areas than finance, as startups and restaurants.

Founder of The Garcia Companies, Dany Garcia coordinates entertainment and media projects and talent management for more than a decade. She also oversees Seven Bucks Productions, in partnership with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Through these companies, she manages brands and talents driving media actions on multiple platforms.

IMDb website describes Garcia’s relationships with her partners as follows: “Garcia works closely with her clients to achieve their goals in every facet of their career. Whether in feature films, television, publishing, commercials or brand integrated content, she is constantly creating that lift that will make her clients standout and edge the competition, giving them extreme longevity in a rapidly changing media and entertainment landscape. Garcia proves that anything can be done – and done well.”

Besides handling professional challenges that comes with the stellar careers she manages, it’s noteworthy her actions as the founder of The Beacon Experience, a foundation that tutors and full pays scholarships for promising but at risk young people from low-income communities; as an athlete – Garcia is an awarded bodybuilder; and as the organizer, in a partnership between Seven Bucks and Spike TV, of the “Rock the Troops”, a big music and entertainment event to celebrate the American troops based overseas.

All this background has taken Garcia to be constantly required to present speeches on motivational and media leadership lectures such as for Women in Cable Telecommunications (WICT). Last November, Harvard University taught an MBA business class using the production company‘s rapid growth, as well as her and The Rock ascent in the world of showbusiness, as a case study.

As executive producer, besides jobs in partnership with The Rock (the series Ballers from HBO and the film Baywatch are some examples), she is involved in projects with, among others, Meryl Streep, Martin Landau, Kevin Kline and Henry Cavill.

Garcia told to Portal Henry Cavill how it began the partnership between her and Cavill: “A mutual friend felt we would be a perfect fit and accomplish spectacular things together, it’s been a wonderful experience!

Cavill is already ripping the fruits from his dedication and this partnership that starts spreading new projects. He just finished filming Nomis, in Canada, recently signed a contract with the WME talent agency, and is confirmed to the next film of the Mission: Impossible franchise (MI6). Garcia also confirmed Cavill is getting prepared for the Man of Steel sequel, with no release date confirmed so far.

We can say Cavill is being kept pretty busy, as in the midst of so many filming, we still have in April the premiere of the Sand Castle, on Netflix, with Cavill as Captain Syverson, and in November, the long awaited debut of the Justice League.

About Cavill, by the time of the partnership announcement, Garcia said: said: “Henry has a big appetite,We’ve been in a five-month period of time where he’s re-strategizing, acquiring property [for his production company Promethean], he’s filming [Justice League] now, he’s in development for the Superman standalone… he’s beginning to expand that world. It’s beautifully teed up. In a year from now, or two years from now, he’s going to be a force globally.”

To the Newsweek magazine, in a recent interview, Garcia declares to be involved somewhere between 65 to 70 projects on the boil at present across various mediums: “I like to think of it as a 2.0 version of creating business. Media is so fluid, you don’t need bricks and mortar. But you do need creativity, passion, relationships and reach.”

With the combination of these two great talents and all the dedication and professionalism involved, we are sure we can expect a huge success for the future of both Henry Cavill and Dany Garcia.

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